One of the greatest services available for any pro wrestling fan is the WWE Classics On Demand package. This service is available through most cable providers. If you are like me, you don't get that excited about the wrestling that comes on every Monday Night on Raw, but you love the old stuff!

WWE Classics On Demand features the entire WWE Video Library. This includes videos from WWE (formerly the WWF, and even earlier WWWF), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and its various territories including Mid-Atlantic Wrestling and Stampede Wrestling from Calgary.

You will also find wrestling from the old AWA once promoted by Verne Gagne, as well as the developmental Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) that WWE currently operates. Other videos are shown coming from World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), popular in the 1980's, and Smokey Mountain Wrestling from the mid-1990s.


WWE Classics On Demand content currently features four "buckets" of content. Each bucket features a different variety of videos. The four buckets include WWE Legends, The Big One's, Shorties, and TV Classics.

You can find the current program schedule on

WWE Legends

In the WWE Legends section of WWE Classics on Demand, you will find the Hall of Fame feature. Each month, one member of the Hall of Fame is featured. They'll rotate through and feature every Hall of Fame member.

This can be a little hit-and-miss. One month, you'll get Ric Flair. Awesome! The next month, you may get Johnny Rodz or Baron Mikel Sicluna. Those aren't good months.

Along with the Hall of Fame feature on the chosen wrestler, you also get several of his matches.

WWE Legends often features other videos from the WWE Video Library like old Coliseum Home Videos. There are always a couple of surprises here!


The Big One's

The Big One's is by far the most exciting section of WWE Classics on Demand. Here, you'll get full feature Pay Per View wrestling. Each month there will be Pay Per Views that match the theme for the month.

This is also a "Pick Your Big One" feature from the website. Here, viewers can vote on which of 3 Pay Per Views they would like to see. I always pick the oldest one, unless I have recently watched it. The newer one's used to win all the time but that has changed in the last year or so.


In Shorties, you'll get to see matches or vignettes that match the theme of WWE Classics on Demand for that month. In some cases they are matches featuring types of wrestling (for example, Lucha Libre wrestlers or Tag Teams). Others may feature "Great Interviews" or "Factions".

I don't always watch the Shorties, but if you're looking for a quick fix (while eating breakfast in the morning before work, for example), this is a good place to get a little 5-10 minute classic wrestling match in.

TV Classics

The bucket for TV Classics is another favorite of mine. For my money, this is the one thing that I can't get anywhere else besides WWE Classics on Demand. Here, you'll get classic television shows from territories across the country.

The shows are shown in order (most of the time) which is great. You can watch the entire Monday Night Wars if you'll stick around long enough! It moves slowly, and sometimes you wish they would post them even faster. But you'll get the Monday Night Raw and Monday Night Nitro episodes that aired against each other, shown back to back.

We also get shows like WCCW's weekly show, NWA Wrestling, Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, and AWA shows. These are great shows form the 1980s that bring back fantastic memories.

Another feature here is the History of ECW. Not only are we getting a show-by-show recap of the History of ECW, but it is hosted by various ECW members. Originally, Taz was hosting with Joey Styles, though since he has left Tommy Dreamer and others have been involved in hosting the show.

Get it!

If you're a fan, and you've read this far, you need to order WWE Classics on Demand! It is usually only $8, though I pay $10 through Verizon (I don't know why, but I never care what I pay for it, I'd pay $30).

Well... go get it! Call your cable provider! I know I sound like a salesman, but I get no benefit other than knowing that the more people that order it, the more WWE will pay attention to it!

Gotta go now, Pat Patterson vs. Sgt Slaughter is on!