With May out the way it's time to look forward the next WWE pay-per-view .... errr No Way Out? Yes WWE have resurrected the No Way Out name for their June PPV after a short period of absense  and the matches are lining up to be another slobberknocker. Alberto Del Rio is still fighting and up against Shaemus after his recent absense due to injury and what else does John Laurinaitis have up his sleeve for John Cena?

The michevous image of WWE wrestling Diva A.J. tieing superstar Daniel Bryan to the train tracks; the upcoming WWE Pay-Per-View No Way Out takes the ever pushing wrestling stage to it's June event in East Rutherford, New Jersey. As the Smackdown and Raw brands build up to the main event so do we, looking at the story behind some of the scheduled matches on the road to Summerslam. 

Whether you get immersed in the storyline, enjoy the physical action or try to find the kayfabe from the reality; WWE wrestling shows offer something for almost everyone and pay-per-views are the showcases of the multiple-weekly events. WWE No Way Out will be broadcast from the Izod Centre, East Rutherford, New Jersey on June 17.

The storylines for No Way Out are mostly progressed from the WWE's May Pay Per View WWE: Over the Limit 2012 (US DVD) (not available in UK on DVD).


A Brief History

No Way Out 2000 to 2009

The last time that the WWE used the No Way Out brand for a Pay Per View was at No Way Out 2009 (UK)  where it came to an end of a run of 10 annual shows all held in the February of the year. It was in the first No Way Out  in 2000 that superstars Triple H and Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) ripped open the mesh of wires surrounding their Hell in A Cell match and finished up fighting on the roof of the caged cell, Cactus Jack falling through to the mat and losing the match and his career - as the Cactus Jack character at least.

 No Way Out has produced some well developed gimmicks over the yearsand have included the use of weapons, elimination chambers and even a "Brass Knuckles on a Pole" match. The return of the No Way Out Pay-Per-View follows a similar theme with a cage match already announced.

There were a number of iconic matches over the decade that the original No Way Out  was run, from Triple H ending Cactus Jack's career in a Hell in a Cell Match (2000) to introductions of the Elimination Chamber at the No Way Out pay-per-views leading to the February events renaming in 2009. One match I still occasionally watch myself is from No Way Out 2001 where The Dudley Boyz took on Edge and Christan, and Kane and The Undertaker in a Triple Threat Tables match for the WWF Tag Team Championship.


No Way Out Matchcard

As at 13 June 2012

SWWE No Way Out 2012 PosterCredit: WrestlingLover (Wikipedia)teel Cage Match
If Show Loses; Laurainitis is FIRED
John Cena vs Big Show

Singles Match 
for the World Heavyweight Championship
Shaemus vs Alberto Del Rio Dolph Ziggler

Triple Threat Match 
for the WWE Championship
CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane

Intercontinental Championship
Christian vs Cody Rhodes

Diva's Championship
Layla vs Beth Pheonix


Pre-Show Match (Streamed live on WWE.com) 
The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay vs The Lawyer David Otunga 

Triple H addresses the Brock Lesnar Court Action


John Cena vs Big Show

Steel Cage Match

WWE John CenaWWE Big ShowAfter a turbulent few years in the mid-card for Big Show things were starting to look up as he became more involved in the main event roster over the last 12 months.

This all came to a sudden halt on May 14 when the Executive Administrator to the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations AND The Permanent General Manager of RAW and Smackdown! Eve Torres had already caught the Big Show laughing at John Laurainitis enough times and the General Manager appeared after his losing match and fired him. Big Show must now win to keep John Laurainitis his job!

Big Show was seen later but not in a wrestling role until the May pay-per-view Over The Limit where he interfered in a match between John Cena and (at this point) the running away John Laurainitis. Big Show's returned Laurainitis to the ring and handed him to John Cena..... before taking advantage and knocking John Cena out.

This started the process of Big Show being rehired by "Big Johnny" Laurainitis on WWE RAW May 21; and his next big money contract can with a match against John Cena at No Way Out . The match was changed one week later to make it a Steel Cage match as  Big Show ranted at the WWE Universe that nobody took him seriously before and he then got granted the chance to pick his opponent for that night. He chose (and beat) Brodus Clay. In contrast; John Cena had the night off.

Both John Cena and Big Show have made sparodic appearances and cut promo's but with little interaction.

During the 3 hour edition of RAW on 11 June Big Show and John Cena interfered in Vince McMahon firing John Lauainitis. After McMahon stipulated that Big Show must win to keep Laurainitis' job for him; Cena and Big Show brawled, knocking out the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment in the process.

With 6 days until No Way Out can this explode any more?

Shaemus vs Dolph Ziggler

World Heavyweight Championship

Following on from an excellent Over The Limit Shaemus and Alberto Del Rio were going to be at it again at No Way Out. In the last pay-per-view they almost could have been the main event but for the Laurainitus  and Cena storyline carrying the limelight.

Personally I think that Shaemus vs Randy Orton would be a better match and one that could use Big Show and Cena's cage for a second time. Whether this was the plan or not nobody will probably ever know because Randy Orton has been suspended[3991] for his second offence under the WWE Talent Wellness Program. 

Following a failed attempt at interference at a Smackdown! taping Alberto Del Rio has been demed unfit to compete with concussion; so a Fatal 4-Way Elimination match on RAW (11 June) saw Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Christian and The Great Khali. A very quick match ensued which in my opinion made the concussion story sound like it was unscripted; but Dolph Ziggler took the win and now faces Shaemus at No Way Out

I fear though, it sounds like a Champion Retains match to preserve the Del Rio storyline.


CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

With rumours circulating that CM Punk will be holding a new WWE Championship Belt[4112] when he appears at No Way Out the fight is very much on between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and new belt contender Kane.

This match has continued in part from the May WWE Pay-Per-View Over the Limit where CM Punk successfully retained the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan. Their match at the May PPV was good enough to be the main event match on the card, but they had to make do with an almost mid-card match. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan did not seem to notice though and the Over the Limit match was certainly one that showed the best in both of them right through to a controversial ending with the Champion tapping out to a submission move just as the referee counted the pinfall.

We are back to the No Way Out preview though and with an ending like that the feud must continue. Daniel Bryan made an appearance at WWE RAW the following night and following an interruption from CM Punk, Bryan was forced into a match with an adversary who he assaulted before with a steel chair; the Big Red Monster Kane. 

Kane interfered again at the WWE RAW event on May 28. A non-title match between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk was again interfered by Kane who set upon Daniel Bryan; only to be assaulted himself by the WWE Champion.  CM Punk vs Kane in a title match was set for Smackdown on June 1.

We have missed out a crucial factor in the puzzle though. Daniel Bryan's girlfriend AJ has been prominent in many of the matches after she previously had cost Daniel Bryan to lose his title to CM Punk after a distraction from her went wrong. She has since been getting closer to the new Champion and CM Punk is not one to push away a pretty lady. She is certain to be getting involved at the WWE No Way Out Pay-Per-View.

The Smackdown match on June 1 was the decider for the Triple Threat match to take place. Daniel Bryan rushed the ring twice and finally took out both the Champion and the Challenger to cause the DQ. Although the Kane vs CM Punk match was the first WWE Championship match on Smackdown! for a long, long time; the title match did not finish clean and the WWE Championship did not change hands which infuriated the Big Red Monster and he subsequently chokeslammed both of them in front of AJ to seal his place in the match at No Way Out.

The rivalry switched again to the RAW brand on June 4 with a CM Punk vs Kane match with "There Must Be a Winner" as the byline; Daniel Bryan ringside making his customary interference and AJ making her customary interference costing CM Punk the win in this non-title match. AJ certainly gave Kane "the eye" post-match and for a change he did not not attack the pretty valet who is in the centre of the Punk and Bryan rivalry; then later playing on Josh Matthews. It's clear she is becoming more of a flirt; where is that going to lead?

The story deepend in the week before No Way Out when John Laurainitis set up a tag team match with Kane and Daniel Bryan facing CM Punk and ..... AJ. This strange match saw AJ flirt with almost everyone including the referee and then making out with Kane in the middle of the match - Kane was hardly going to sell that one! Post match AJ and victor CM Punk were in the ring as she mimicked Punk's "sit in the middle of the ring" routine.... Just who is AJ flirting for?

Brodus Clay vs David Otunga

Pre-PPV Match (live on wwe.com)

Following the Funkasaurus' battering from the Big Show on recent episodes of RAW; John Laurainitis sent the Funky-one to the Smackdown! brand to protect him from the World's Largest Athelete. 

Brodus Clay is far from happy though and is decimating all his opponents; Laurainitis' right-hand man and legal advisor will be stepping in the ring for the No Way Out Pay-Per-View warm up match.