Do you have a little WWE wrestling maniac in your house with a birthday coming up? How about surprising them with a WWE-themed birthday party! WWE party supplies can bring the throwdown to your home, giving your child the time of his life on one of his biggest days of the year. In this post, you'll see some of these WWE supplies in action, get a checklist of the essentials to theme out your home, and learn the prices you should expect while shopping. So let's get ready to rumble!

WWE Party Supplies: They Be Slammin'

WWE Table CoverThere's a lot of kids (and many adults) out there that just can't get enough of World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE for short. It's full of good guys and bad guys, a battle of good vs. evil, and a whole lot of pure adrenalin. It's an exciting sport, one that kids love to act out the parts. And this makes it an exceptional themed-party idea. A WWE-themed birthday party can bring your child's favorite WWE superstars home. Plus there are lots of very cool WWE party supplies that make the day really fun and interactive.

The WWE Party Supply Checklist

If a WWE party is something your child will love, then there's certain musts for the big day to help theme out your home. The WWE is big and bold, so you'll need to go strong in terms of decor commitment to make the splash you want. Never fear - below are the essentials so that you can own the day.

WWE party invitations and thank you cards

Set the tone right out of the box. When the WWE party is a go, invite your child's friends with some super-fun WWE invites. And after the party, have your child thank all of the families attending with some wrestling superstar thank you cards. 

Party Destination WWE Party Pack Add-On for 8WWE paper and plastic tableware

It all begins with WWE paper plates, napkins, and an awesome WWE table cover. This is where the action goes down - where people gather during the celebration - so you'll want it looking sharp. You'll find some great WWE party packs out there that will cover you for most of the above, including WWE paper cups too.

A WWE cake topper

The cake is the big splash, the main event of your child's birthday. It needs to be dressed for the part. There's some excellent WWE cake toppers available. How about a champion's buckle for your little champion?

WWE Championship Belt DecoSet Cake Decoration
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(price as of Apr 10, 2016)

(27x77) Randy Orton - WWE Lifesize Standup Poster

A WWE table centerpiece or WWE standup poster

Go big or go home. This is your focal piece, the one that everyone remembers when they see your table for the first time. There are many varieties of WWE table centerpieces, for instance a plastic replica of two superstars battling it out in the middle of the ring. Or if you really want to impress, opt for a life-sized standup poster of your child's favorite WWE superstar. This makes for a great photo opportunity for all the kids at the party.

WWE balloons and party streamers

You can place these all around your home and even outdoors on your front porch, your mailbox, or any other locations that will signal to the little one's attending that major fun is about to be had.

WWE Paper Masks 8ctWWE wearable party supplies

Here's where it gets interactive and fun. You can pick up some WWE paper masks and WWE paper championship belts so that all the kids attending can feel like they are part of the wrestling world! Or how about some WWE temporary tattoos to have the kids feel like they really have skin in the game? This is one of those touches that totally makes the day memorable. Plus they make for great WWE party favors for the children to take home.

US Toy 204297 World Wrestling Champ Belt
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WWE wall decalsWWE Randy O Giant Wall Decals Party Supplies (Multi-colored)

For full commitment, you've got to dress up the walls of your home. The kids have got to feel like they just entered the home of a WWE super-fan, and wall decals featuring wrestling superstars and the famous WWE logos deliver just that. Wall decals are easy to remove and do no damage to your paint, so it's a great move with no clean up pains for you.

WWE Thumb Wrestlers

This is the WWE afterall, wrestling is a must! But to keep it clean, you can stick to some down and dirty thumb wrestling. Top those thumbs with WWE thumb wrestlers, and you've got yourself a fun round robin event the kids can play that fits the party theme perfectly!

WWE Thumb Superstars
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(price as of Apr 10, 2016)

No matter what your budget or who your kid roots for, you'll find WWE party supplies that will put a smile on his face. These essentials will hit all the right marks, but add even more color with some of the other great supplies out there. A WWE theme party is a once-of-a-lifetime birthday moment, so make sure it goes down in the record books as a no-doubt win.