Get ready for the biggest party of the summer on August 23, 2009, when WWE will presents its grand attraction, the Summerslam 2009 Pay-Per-View. This event features eight great matches including the reunion of D-Generation X as they face Legacy, John Cena going for the WWE title against Randy Orton, and Jeff Hardy defending his World Heavyweight title in a TLC match against CM Punk. Fans are already buzzing about the event, trying to predict who the big winners will be. There's been plenty of rumors and a lot of hype to build up this major Pay-Per-View event of the Summer! Let's examine the most hyped up matches of the event.

One of the big stories of Summerslam will be the return of the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, to the WWE wrestling ring. Michaels was last seen wrestling at Wrestlemania 25 against The Undertaker. Both men put their bodies on the line and in the end after a classic match, Undertaker was victorious once again. After that, not much was heard from either Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker. Just recently, Raw Superstar Triple H decided it was time to find his old buddy, so they could reunite as the classic tag team D-Generation X to try to take out the Legacy team. Legacy is a team of second generation wrestlers, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase, who are proteges of Randy Orton. On the last Raw before Summerslam, DX made their big return to the ring and the fans went wild. However, it was a short celebration as Legacy descended onto the ring to attack them, leaving Michaels and Triple H down in the ring. Legacy said they will be ready for Summerslam, and are looking to make the reunion quickly forgotten.

In another big Summerslam match, John Cena is trying to regain the WWE Title he has held several times before. He'll be going against the current champion, The Viper, Randy Orton. Orton has a way of getting wins in any way possible, making it tough for opponents to win the title. The last one to do it was Batista in a steel cage match, but his reign was a day long. Cena's had his eye on the prize for quite some time, and after winning the Beat the Clock Challenge on Raw, he's ready to do battle. Him and Orton are no strangers when it comes to wrestling each other, as they've had numerous past matches. In most of these matches, Cena was victorious. Orton has recently seemed to be on top of his game though, so Cena will have to give all he's got to take out the champ and regain the gold.

Last but not least, we have what might be Jeff Hardy's last WWE match. He'll be taking on CM Punk in a Tables, Ladders, Chairs match, also called a "TLC" match. During this contest, the two combatants can use the previously mentioned items as weapons, but ultimately one of them will need to set up a ladder in the middle of the ring and climb it to retrieve the World Championship belt. That belt will be suspended high above the ring, waiting for either the current champ, Jeff Hardy, to retain it, or CM Punk, a former champ, to reclaim it. For weeks now, CM Punk has denounced Jeff Hardy and his fans for living a reckless lifestyle. Punk has vowed he will end Jeff Hardy at Summerslam, but Jeff is a true daredevil and thrill seeker, who's been known to pull off amazing feats in the squared circle. Jeff has a never say never, and never quit attitude which is why he's the current champ. This TLC match could be the match of the event, so stay tuned!

Summerslam 2009 looks to be one of the hottest events in sports entertainment this year. Don't forget about the other matches including Jack Swagger versus MVP, Rey Mysterio against Dolph Ziggler, Christian versus WIlliam Regal, and The Great Khali versus Kane. Also, Chris Jericho and The Big Show will look to defend their Unified Tag team titles against Cryme Tyme who are hungry for a big win. Tune in to WWE Summerslam on August 23, 2009 at 8PM EST to catch all the action!