If you are into collecting war memorabilia, you may be in the market for WWII Japanese pilot uniforms for sale.  These are not very easy to find, but it can be done.  You will find that there are some out there, but they can be pretty expensive to purchase.  Like most other war memorabilia, they are highly collectible and the collectors are willing to pay top dollar for the WWII Japanese pilot uniforms that are in really good overall condition.  Let’s look at these in a little more detail, so you can make your search and purchase with a bit more confidence.   You can find them for sale online or at various stores.

Condition Counts

One of the biggest factors in determining the price you will pay for WWII Japanese pilot uniforms is the overall condition it is actually in.  Since the bomber and Navy coats were made of leather, many of them are now very brittle.  If you find one that still has soft and fairly supple leather, you can expect to pay a fair amount of money to make the purchase.  In addition to this, creases, tears, fading, and fraying can all decrease the value of the jacket.  You will find that condition is very important in World War 2 memorabilia, and WWII Japanese pilot uniforms are no exception to this rule.  Keep this in mind and you search for a good price on a good quality jacket.  Condition really does count a lot with the value.

The Imperial Navy airmen also wore cloth coats in the summer.  Keep this in mind as you go out on your search for old WWII Japanese pilot uniforms.  You will find that many of the cloth jackets are more susceptible to tearing and fading, which will impact the overall value quite a bit.  Still, you can find these out there for sale if you keep your eyes open and watch for them.  Many of the World War 2 memorabilia collectors will want to have all the different kinds of WWII Japanese pilot uniforms, so they can have the complete set.  This means that even the cloth jackets can be sold for a lot of money.  Keep this in mind as you search for them and try to find the right ones to buy.  Since there were a few different types, you are more likely to find at least one type that you can purchase.


Missing or replaced buttons can impact the value.  If virtually any item of the WWII Japanese pilot uniform was replaced and is no longer original, it will decrease the value.  Now, at the time, when the jackets were damaged, the soldiers would replace anything and fix anything that needed it.  So, if the repairs were made with items from the same time period, it will not decrease the value nearly as much.  So, if you are missing buttons, for example, from a jacket you buy, do not replace them with modern buttons.  If you cannot find the exact replacement, use something from the time period that would have likely been used as a replacement.  You will find that you can improve the value of your WWII Japanese pilot uniforms.  This is actually a very key factor in determining how much the bomber jackets are worth.  This is consistent with other war memorabilia as well.

Famous Airmen

If you can tie you WWII Japanese pilot uniforms to a famous airman, you will likely be able to sell it for more money.  Likewise, if you are looking to buy this kind of coat, you can expect to pay a much higher price.  In addition to this, those used in famous battles or bombings can go for more money when they are sold.  You will need to keep this in mind as you are shopping for the jackets or other types of war memorabilia.  You will find that this is something that can drive the price and value through the roof.


Medals can be considered a part of the WWII Japanese pilot uniforms that you are looking to purchase or sell.  If the Naval Airmen were well decorated, you can expect them to be worth more money when you are buying or selling.  The medals will make the jackets or shirts much more appealing to collectors.  Since they are another component of the entire ensemble, they will add value to the purchase price.  These are another important component, so don’t ignore the opportunity to purchase them. 


Like the medals that could be attached to WWII Japanese pilot uniforms, the goggles and headgear that would have been worn by the airmen is very collectible as well.  This means that a complete set could include jacket, medals, and goggles.  This will add a great deal of value to the package, as you would suspect.  These are pretty rare, so they go for a good price.  You will not find this part of the old WWII Japanese pilot uniforms for cheap, so get ready to fork out some cash for them.

Prayer Belt

The “Belt of a Thousand Stitches” was said to protect the airmen from harm.  Essentially, the mothers or daughters of the airmen would get other women to add a single stitch to the belt until there were one thousand. 

The backstory behind the belt of a thousand stitches is pretty neat and therefore it adds value.  You will pay a lot of money for one of these belts, but it could help to complete your WWII Japanese pilot uniform, making it much more valuable to collectors.  Keep this in mind as you are out shopping around to buy these items.  You can expect to pay a good price for one of these, and they will all look a bit different from each other, since they were not produced in mass at a factory, but handmade by family members and friends.  This adds value and intrigue to the belt of a thousand stitches and help to add value to the WWI Japanese pilot uniforms for collectors.