Waffle makers are used to make waffles. Waffles are most often eaten as a breakfast food, but sometimes can be served as a dessert. There are a range of different types of waffles, as well as a range of different waffle makers. Choosing the right waffle maker for your kitchen is a matter of deciding upon what type of waffles you would like to make.

Basic Waffle Maker

A basic waffle maker is either round or square. It is made of two metal plates that heat up when the appliance is turned on. The waffle batter is poured into the waffle maker and then the two plates are closed together and the waffle is cooked between them.

Types of Waffles

The basic waffle is usually rather thin and created with a pancake like batter. However, with the use of different batters and different types of waffle makers, you can create a variety of types of waffles. Some waffle makers will make very thin waffles that can then be used to make waffle cones for ice cream. Very thick waffles are made on a deep waffle maker and are called Belgian waffles. There are even shaped waffle makers that produced waffles shaped like hearts or even favorite cartoon characters.

Another variation on waffles has nothing to do with the actual waffle maker, but rather the difference in batter. Some waffle recipes call for flavorings or different ingredients that create a variety of different waffles. Waffles can be sweet, savory or anything in between, depending upon the type of batter used.

Options in Waffle Makers

When choosing a waffle maker you have to first decide upon the type of waffles that you want to make. This will allow you to narrow down your choices to the style of waffle maker that you need. You can then start looking at other features.

You will want to look at the settings. Some waffle makers allow you to choose the browning settings. You can alter the settings to allow for a crispier waffle or a softer waffle. You should also look for a temperature gauge or a LED indicator. Some waffle makers may have an audio alert when the unit is warm. There are also makers with timers on them.

Besides figuring out the features you want, you can then move onto looking at the general maker. Look at how easy it is to clean. Some have removable plates that make for simple cleaning. Some makers have overflow reservoirs that will catch excess batter and prevent messes. There are scratch resistant waffle makers and cool to the touch makers. There are many extra features on waffle makers on the market, so choosing the right one will take a lot of consideration.

You need to consider all different features and even the brand. Top brand name waffle makers give you all the options that you want and are backed by a trusted name. Whatever waffle maker you choose in the end, be sure that it is well made and offers you all the features you want.