Waiting Room Toys

Waiting Room Toys: Making Your Little Guests Happy

As any parent knows, sitting in a waiting room anywhere can be a trying time when you have children with you. I am sure that many employees of places where there is a waiting area such as a doctor's office can testify to the fact that when children have nothing to do, they will find something to do and it is usually destructive or disrupting to the staff or other patients. Therefore, having waiting room toys in your office is something that everyone who owns an office with a waiting area must have.

Waiting Room Toys: Consider the Age of the Kids

When you are preparing to purchase waiting room toys, something you must always keep in mind is that children of all ages could be sitting in your waiting room at any given moment, so you will need to make sure there are appropriate waiting room toys for any age. This also brings up an important point regarding safety: you want to make sure that your waiting room toys do not contain any tiny parts that can be placed in the mouth or are removable. Almost any mother can tell you that if the toy or its parts are smaller than your fist, it does not belong in the play area.

Waiting Room Toys: Which Ones Are Best?

One toy to consider is an activity table. These tables are a perfect waiting room toy because they are generally well-constructed of high quality material, they contain large parts that are not removable, and children of any age can play when them. Most of these activity tables are constructed of wood with moving wheels, beads, and other wooden parts that are secured tightly to the table. Most children have a lot of fun with these, as they can function with a variety of games.

You could also consider the activity panels that mount to the wall. It's a similar concept to the activity table, but a lot of them have features that an activity table cannot have, such as mirrors. Children often love to stand up and play instead of sitting down at a table, and this gives them the freedom to do so.

Having a wooden play structure or hard molded plastic play structure to fit in with the other waiting room toys is also a good idea, but keep in mind that structures where children can crawl in and out of pose their own risk and as responsible as we would like to think all parents are, sometimes they are not very attentive to their children or other people's children. This is definitely something you need to think of before deciding to add a play structure to the room with the other waiting room toys.

Almost all of these waiting room toys should be disinfected several times a day as well, so that both the office and the parents will not have to worry about too many germs being spread to children and other occupants of the room. After all, the goal isn't to get more people into the waiting room!