Depending on where you live, you may find that it is still completely dark when your morning alarm goes off. 

Nothing like getting jolted awake in the darkness of your room as you fumble to turn off the alarm or blaring radio, you realize you could simply close your eyes and roll over, but you have to get up for work or school.  It can be hard to adjust your mind and body to realizing that sleep time is over and it is now time to get up.  It just seemed easier in the summer months!  I usually send half the stuff on my night table flying as I try to stop the blaring noise and my heart pounding from the sudden jolt.

There are many light products on the market now that will help you get on with your day, but this particular wake up alarm might interest you if you find getting up in the early morning darkness a nasty way to start your day.  It is the gradual lighting part that really helps.

They are called wake up alarm clocks or wake up lamps.  The idea behind them is to gradually wake you up for your day.  I am not talking about a bright light suddenly being shone on your face first thing in the morning that would scare anyone.  It actually creates a beautiful soft glow in your room.  A much gentler way to wake up.  

Wake Up AlarmCredit:
Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light, White
Amazon Price: $99.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 7, 2015)

30 Minutes of Increasing Gentle Natural Light

You set it to start 30 minutes before your regular alarm is supposed to go off.  It will take the 30 minutes to gradually and slowly light up your room, almost like a normal sunrise would do on a summer’s day, although you can adjust the intensity of it.  Practice with it on the weekend or a day off to see which setting works best for you.  You may find one setting too bright and want something a little less intense in the settings.

It is a much gentler way to wake up, and even the soundest of sleepers have found this natural light alarm clock a nice way to start the day.  You can still program it with your radio station or music you normally wake up to at the time you need to get up, but at least now you will not have that horrible cranky urge to throw it across the room.

No more fumbling for the light switch and trying to adjust your eyes to the darkness all around.  My brother was a shift worker, and he used one of these lamps to get his day started.  He also had a sun therapy lamp in the kitchen to continue with the great benefits of receiving light especially on shifts or if you live in a climate with very short winter days.

I love how this light gradually helps you to wake up in a much better mood.  It used to take many coffees to get to that point.

Us humans were not meant to get up in the pitch black.  If we could time our day around a natural sunrise and sunset that would be great but life doesn’t work that way.  You can choose the light intensity you would like to have with this wake up alarm.  You can also choose to have your radio come on at alarm time or nature sounds. 

Once you turn off the alarm, the light can stay on while you sit up, stretch and get dressed for your day.  By the time you leave your room to get on with your day, you will find your mood and energy levels higher since you were not jolted awake. 

There are so many electronic gadgets on the market now to help us with our day, but starting it off right always helps.  So, the perfect morning would be this wake up alarm light and a coffee pot or tea maker that has been set on a timer so that not only have you got up in a much better mood, your coffee or tea is ready and smells awesome!  Worth the extra few steps at night to set this up.

Wake Up LampCredit:
Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light, White
Amazon Price: $99.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 7, 2015)

Sleep for Your Good Health

The rest of the day just seems to go much better if you have had a decent night’s sleep and woke up gently.  If you have trouble getting to sleep, there are white noise machines and sleeping head bands that can help you fall and stay asleep.   These are nature sounds such as waves or a fan noise that can play in the background to help drown out any other noise. 

I use a white noise machine set to ocean waves to help drown out the drone of traffic as I had to move to the city.  This way I can fall asleep and stay asleep.  But now waking up can be much gentler too.  Sleep is overlooked as part of a healthy lifestyle.  It is so very important for our mind, body and soul to replenish.  Take advantage of the many gadgets you can get to help with this very important part of our healthy lifestyle before you reach for drugs. 

White noise machines, or sleeping headbands, and a natural light alarm clock are not going to leave you with the side effects many drugs do.  Worth the investment into a good night’s sleep in my opinion.

Then combined with this gentle wake up lamp your morning should feel a lot calmer to start. It won’t get rid of that nasty project or certain people at work, but it will help you deal with things a little better first thing in the morning.  It might also stop you from diving into that plate of goodies to bring yourself back to life.  Worth a try!