We all have experimented waking up early. Some of us have just gave up the next day and some might have transformed their lives. benefits of waking up early are up to you, how you see it.  So lets start over. Lets start waking up early. Waking up early really  feels great when you see no cars around, no one polluting your ears, just you and everything. 

Whether you hate this idea or love it, waking up early is something that we all should enjoy for not only its benefits but also for its beauty. There is a reason to why the idea of waking up early is always emphasised by everyone around us, offline and online. Everyone have their own reasons for waking up early, But I know this thing for sure that waking up early is the most effective way to center your day. The boost that it gives you cannot be replicated by anything else. There is just something truly amazing about the line 'Waking up with the sun'.

Waking up early can be difficult. I know. Anyone can wake up early. I bet you can also wake up early tomorrow. But you can't make a habit of waking up early in one day. Forming a habit is not a one day thing. Especially the habit of waking up early. You can wake up early tomorrow and a day after that, But any day after that you'll feel the strongest forces attracting you towards your bed. So what are the best practices for effectively making a habit of waking up early?

Waking up early

The first thing is that you must mentally prepare yourself. There must be a strong reason to why you want to wake up early. First think it up and then prepare yourselves accordingly. If its a book that you want to read, learning something, writing something whatever it is. This reason must be strong enough to prevent you from hitting the snooze button. The biggest mistake people make while starting to wake up early is that they thing they can do it easily and wake up early everyday. You  can't. The habits that took years to form will not the changed in a day or two. You need to give it time and start slow. Start by waking up 15 minutes earlier than your usual waking time and increase it till you match the rising time of the sun. Also prepare what you're going to do when you wake up the night before. So that all you need to do is get down and start working. 

Once you're awake, see the rising sun. Take a photograph of it. Have something light to eat and start working. There will be no one to disturb you. Also, your own thoughts won't disturb you. Have a clear image in mind of what you're going to do and how you're going to do it. Give it just full attention without running onto something else. Do one thing at a time and focus all your powers on that particular task. I can guarantee that your rest of the day is going to be a really productive one. There's nothing better than an amazing start. All you need to do is START.

I normally wake up early and start studying. If I can study regularly for 90 minutes, I can get a lot of work done during rest of the day.Remember, waking up early is as easy or diffucult as you think it is. Just presist and keep going. Just give it some time and effort.