If you're like me, the hardest part of the day is waking up and forcing yourself to go to school. It's hard to wake up for class sometimes when you've been out late the night before. It's not always possible to get a good nights rest, sometimes we just have problems dozing off and waste a large portion of valuable sleep time tossing and turning. It's far too easy to press snooze repetitively and ignore the fact that your class begins in only a little while. Waking up for school is hard to do, because you're not looking forward to sitting in a class for a long amount of time. I find it hardest to wake up for school in the early stages of each semester, due to the fact that I get used to sleeping in late during long breaks away from attending school. Here are a couple of different suggestions to help you learn how to wake up for school:

Put Your Alarm At The Opposite Side of The Room - This works amazingly well, unless you're the type of person who can easily sleep through alarms. The small sound of an alarm clock ringing instantly wakes me up, but the problem for me is that I'll automatically press the snooze button every time I hear the first chime. This has caused me to skip class before, so I figured out that if I put the alarm clock away from reaching distance, I'll be forced to wake up and walk over to it to kill the alarm. By the time that I'm already on my feet and walking around, I no longer feel the need to climb back into bed, because I'm already up and awake.


Make Plans To Eat Breakfast Beforehand - If you make plans to eat breakfast, this will make your early start earlier, and also give you something somewhat enjoyable to wake up to as opposed to simply waking up and slouching to class. Breakfast is always a good way to wake you up, as the food will cause you to be more alert. You can also look forward to the coffee that you can drink for added energy while you eat your breakfast. The best way that this plan works for me, is that I'll arrange to meet different friends for breakfast. If I know that people are waiting on me to meet up with them for breakfast, I'll be sure to wake up and see them, thus, assuring that I'm awake for class. Also, if you make plans with friends, chances are they will call you multiple times to make sure you're awake if you're known as a heavy sleeper.

Keep In Mind That Class Is Important - If you're a college student, chances are that you are paying a lot of money for class. If you sleep through class, first keep in mind that you're paying to attend, and basically not getting your moneys worth if you sleep through it. Also, keep in mind that your grades actually matter. Several classes in school will give you grades based upon your attendance, so it's not a good idea to miss. Some colleges will even fail you if you miss a certain number of classes. Remember the second that your initial alarm goes off that you need to go to class and save your absences for an important day later in the future that you might have to miss.

Wait To Print Your Homework Off Until You Wake Up - This is the tip that works the best for me. I'm not saying to wait until a few hours before class to start working on your homework (I even wrote an article explaining how to get your homework done on time), but I am saying that you should wait to print off your work until the next day. Most college professors require you to do your homework on a computer and submit a printed copy of the work to them. Wait until the morning of the day that they are due, so that you have a really important reason to wake up and print your efforts out so that you can actually turn in the assignment that you had worked so hard on previously. This will be the added boost that will help you wake up for school.


I hope the article helped you to learn a variety of new ways for waking up and going to school. It can be a very hard accomplishment to have the energy, but just keep all of these in mind while you try really hard to have good attendance for your classes at school. Waking up for class isn't the only hard part about early mornings, staying awake during school is also very difficult. If you have a hard time staying awake in class, I also wrote an article explaining different things you can do to stay awake.