Wal-Mart Price Match Guarantee

  I recently began taking advantage of Wal-Mart’s price match guarantee and it has saved me a lot more than just nickels and dimes.  It’s well worth the effort.  On average I save $20-$30 per week.  It’s difficult to find a store that offers as much as Wal-Mart with overall better prices.  However, there are other local stores that have very good sales every week.  Rather than running from store to store I decided to take advantage of Wal-Mart’s price match policy.   I knew they did this but wasn’t sure it was worth the effort.  After looking over a competitor’s sale paper I noticed several items I use at significantly lower prices.  I decided to give it a try and see how much I could save.  I must say, I’m hooked!  The savings were not just a few cents and it was definitely worth my time.  Include any coupons you may have clipped and you can’t help but leave feeling like the victor!

To begin it helps to have two lists. Don’t let this deter you; the lists are what make it easy.  First go through each competitor’s sale paper and circle the item you wish to purchase then add it to your overall grocery list. Be sure to add the sale price, brand and the sale paper the item is in.  This allows you to select the correct brand without having to check the sale paper.  A sample of my overall grocery list would look like this.

Eggs – 2/$3.00 – Kroger

Cake mix

Lakeland Butter - $1.99 – Knights



Coke 3- 12pk for $9.00 – Target

3lb Wrights Bacon $7.98 - Knights

Next, on a separate piece of paper I write out my price match items from each store such as Kroger, Knights and Target.  See sample below.


                                                 Kroger                        Knights                                          Target

                                            Eggs 2/$3.00      Lakeland Butter - $1.99       12pk coke/ 3 for $9.00

                                                                          Wright’s Bacon 3lb/$7.98

                                                                          Jimmy Dean Sausage $1.98

 I can quickly glance at my Knights list and see that I have all sale items grouped together in my basket for easier check out.

This saves a great deal of time and lessens the stress at the checkout.  Upon checking out, I first add all my Wal-Mart items to the conveyer belt.  Next I’ll add Kroger sale items, next Target, etc.  When the cashier gets to these items, I have them grouped together with the sale papers in hand where I can easily find the circled items, show her the sale price and get my discount. This is where it pays to be organized.  You don’t waste valuable time in line searching the sale paper for the item. 

 Trust me, the cashier will thank you not to mention the people in line behind you.  Now comes the fun part; this is seeing how much you saved.  Just think, this is money you normally would’ve handed over to Wal-Mart.  I began 4 weeks ago and have put my price match savings in an envelope each week.  I now have $90.  That’s $90 additional dollars I would’ve give to Wal-Mart had I not used their price match guarantee.  Think of the savings after a year!   I can pay down my mortgage or take a little vacation.  Now it’s time for you to put it to work and see how much you save.  It’s a little effort for big savings.