Believe it or not, WalMart has been known to sell laptops for under 200 dollars.  This will give you a great opportunity to buy a computer for a lot less money than you would normally pay.  Since you will be buying from one of the largest retail businesses in the world, you can buy with some level of confidence.  This is often one of the more important aspects of shopping for anything, including electronics and computers.  In this article, I would like to share how you can find WalMart laptops under 200 dollars, when you will need to shop for them, how they can offer them so cheap, and some additional information you might want to learn as you look for a cheap laptop.

When They Are Cheapest

You will find that Wamart might not have any $200 laptop computers for sale when you go to the store or check them out online.   You will have to be willing to shop at certain times to find the best deals on a brand new computer.

Christmas:  They generally only have the very best deals available during the Christmas season.  The best time to shop for something like this is going to be black Friday and Cyber Monday, but almost any day during the Christmas season could provide an opportunity to find a laptop for less than 200 dollars, so you need to keep your eyes open when you shop at WalMart.  If you simply are not able to wait for that long, you will have some other timeframes that can provide an opportunity to find computers at the cheapest prices possible.  At this price range, you will most likely be looking at eMachines, but you never know what other brands you might find listed in the sale fliers and online.

Tax Return Season:  This is another time that many retail stores have tried to capitalize on and get some sales.  Starting in the middle of February and picking up through April, many retail stores promote big discounts on all kinds of merchandise, including laptops for sale.  This is a really great time to start looking for the best deals and seeing what all the stores are trying to do to get you to spend your tax return money with them.  Some will even offer to cash your return check and will then add a small percentage, generally 5-10, to the total amount if you convert it to a gift card.  This is a great way to save even more money on all your purchases.

When New Laptop Models Come Out:  You will find that whenever a computer company, including Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, and Acer come out with a new model, the old ones are discounted and often put out at clearance pricing.  Be sure to try to keep up on when the newest laptops are coming out for sale, so you can have a great chance to find one under 200 dollars or less.  This will give you a chance to save some money during the entire year, and not just during tax season or Christmas Black Friday sales. 

What’s Normally Offered?

For the most part, you can expect to find eMachines as your only option in this price range, although it is possible to see an Acer computer for sale under $250, if you get lucky. This is because these manufacturers offer a low priced laptop, so the final price is really cheap when even a small discount is provided during a sales event.  If you are not that big on either brand, just keep your eyes open and see what you can find. You never know, you just might get lucky and find another brand with a super big discount, bringing the price down into your range.

The Cheapest I See is $300

Unless it is the day after Thanksgiving or the Monday following, you might not always be able to find something in this price range.  Keep your eyes open and check out the online site often to see if you can find any good sales.  Some of the models that are $400 today, just might be discounted tomorrow, so you really need to check out the online deals quite frequently.  When you have a super tight budget and need to keep the price under 200 dollars, you need to be very diligent.

WalMart Refurbished Laptops

Many people do not realize they sell refurbished computers online.  For this reason, you can find a super bargain almost any time of year, but you have to visit the site often as they tend to sell out pretty quickly.  This is a great way to save a ton of money on your next laptop from WalMart and you will find all of the top brands listed for sale as refurbished from time to time.  Just do a keyword search on the top of the site and see what they have.  The discounts on refurbished and reconditioned laptops for sale make them pretty cheap, so you might be able to find a great computer that fits into your budget.

Alternatives to WalMart Laptops Under $200

You have all kinds of different options to keep in mind as you search for a great deal on electronics.  In the list below are some additional ways to find a super cheap computer without breaking the bank.

Other Sellers:  There is no reason to limit your shopping to only WalMart.  Virtually all other retailers offer good sales and present opportunities to save a lot of money.  Shop around and see what kinds of offers are available elsewhere.

Netbooks:  Why not consider one of these?  They are much smaller, but they are generally a lot cheaper to buy any time of the year.  This will give you a chance to find everything you need to use the internet and do some basic word processing functions.  It is a very good option to keep in mind as you shop around for the deal you can find.

You will be able to find some WalMart laptops under 200 dollars if you keep your eyes and options open.