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Wal Mart Pranks: What are some Good Wal Mart Pranks?

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Below I have listed the top 5 Walmart prank ideas.  Have fun!


Wal Mart Pranks: What are some Good Wal Mart Pranks?




Walmart pranks 1: Distant screams


If you still know what Cd’s are and have access to them, this prank is for you.  While it takes a small amount of preparation before you actually pull off the stunt, trust me, it is well worth it.


Wal Mart Pranks: What are some Good Wal Mart Pranks?

For this prank you will first need a blank cd.  While still in your home, you are going to put audio files on this disk.  Obtain audio files containing both silence and another file containing loud and random screams.  Place these audio files onto a disk starting out with the blank audio files.  Give yourself a few minutes of silence on the disk before placing any sort of screams on it.  Fill the entire disk with mostly blank space and a few screaming audio files throughout the blank space. 


Once this disk is made, the rest should be pretty self-explanatory.  Take this disk into the stereo section of wal-mart and load it into a CD player.  Crank the stereo speakers as loud as they will go, hit play, and walk away.  Since you have placed blank space on the Cd first it should give you adequate time to escape the area before the screaming starts.  Once it begins, sit back, enjoy, and watch people in the area have the crap scared out of them.



Walmart prank ideas Idea 2:  Make an announcement


This one is simple and provides you with endless opportunity.  Have you ever heard the announcements on the loudspeaker calling for customer service or calling for a specific person to report somewhere?  Well, what if you could be that person on the loud speaker.  The good news is that it is much easier than you may think. 


Wal Mart Pranks: What are some Good Wal Mart Pranks?

Simply walk around wal-mart until you find a service phone.  You should generally look for one that is tucked in a back aisle somewhere and away from the high traffic areas.  Once you have located this phone and know what it is you are going to say, simply press #-9-6 on the keypad and you are ready to let your voice be heard.  Feel free to announce anything you like. 


Some funny ideas

-Simply call in a friend’s hemorrhoid cream order

-read off a random license plate in the parking lot and tell them there car is on fire

-Tell a specific employee that he has the rest of his life off because he is fired

-Endless possibilities

-REMEMBER    #-9-6




Walmart pranks 3: False Alarm


Wal Mart Pranks: What are some Good Wal Mart Pranks?

You know those little bar code tags that are placed on some of the products?  Well, you can use this easily for your pranking advantage.  It’s simple really.  Walk around the store and peel a few of these things off the packaging.  Simple take them and stick them onto random peoples shopping carts.  As the people walk out of the store….. Well, you get the idea.  The more times this problem occurs, the more fun it becomes as the employee watching the store becomes increasingly agitated with time.  Not only does this work once, it will work each and every time that cart goes through the door.  It leads to utter havoc in the long run if you use enough tags.

Wal Mart Pranks: What are some Good Wal Mart Pranks?



Walmart prank ideas 4. Help me!

Wal Mart Pranks: What are some Good Wal Mart Pranks?

While this one isn’t as good as the rest, it can be funny if done correctly and efficiently.  All you have to do in this prank is locate all of the customer service buttons.  Coordinate a few friends to press various buttons around the store at the same time and watch the employees scramble.  While this isn’t the best prank when done all alone, it can really put the icing on the cake when combined with number 1 and 2.




Walmart prank ideas 5: You’re buying that?

Wal Mart Pranks: What are some Good Wal Mart Pranks?

This one can be fun as well.  If you are looking to lay a prank on a single person, it can make it even more of a fun time.  This usually works best with people that have massive loads of items in their shopping carts.  You have heard of dropping an item in somebody’s cart right?  Well, do this to the max.  Gather an abundance of small items and simply dump them in a person’s cart that already has their items flowing over the sides.  Make sure you use items small enough to fit between the rest of their junk so that the chances of them finding your items is almost zero.  Combine this with some embarrassing items and other items you see fit.  You can also stick tags on this persons cart if you really want to make their experience one to remember.   

Wal Mart Pranks: What are some Good Wal Mart Pranks?


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