Waldorf dolls also known has a Stiener dolls are increasingly gaining popularity today. However, there are still many people asking "What in the world is a Waldorf doll?" Then upon looking for one, the question follows "Why are they so expensive"

What is a Waldorf Doll?

This type of doll was originated for use with the Waldorf education system, a type of learning popular in Germany. This approach to learning, also called Steiner after its found Rudolf Steiner an Austrian Philosopher, uses untraditional methods to bring out the imagination for learning. The method combines both creative and analytical thinking to brighten the minds of the young that attend.

The reason a Waldorf doll fits these practices, is that even though they are extremely cute, they are quite simple to promote a child to use his or her imagination.  Imagine a toy built for a child to use his/her mind to make the doll come to life over one with an on/off button. One might find that these dolls have a neutral look upon its face and very small facial features.  However this helps the child's imagination come to life. Sometimes toys with too many buttons and gadgets leave little room for the mind to actually work.

Upon looking as these dolls, they look old fashioned. Like something you could picture your great grandmother making for your grandmother to play with when she was a wee tot. Quite honestly, they remind me of fancied up Amish Dolls.

Waldorf DollCredit: Sebastian Sprenger Commons Wikimedia

Why are Waldorf Dolls so Expensive?

Many of the Waldorf dolls, depending on size can run from about 75 to 200 dollars each. From my shopping about, it is possible to get many Waldorf inspired dolls, but they honestly are not much, if any cheaper. Etsy is a terrific place to find many dolls and accessories that are custom made.  Personally, I do not recommend buying extravagant accessories as this defeats the purpose of encouraging creativity within the mind.

These dolls are usually handmade in Europe in small workshops. Many of them being in France. The fibers are most always fine fabrics of a 100% natural, without any harmful dyes or chemicals quality. Any mother knows how important this is today. Most cottons alone have serious chemicals in them, and most toys ends up in a child's mouth at some point. However, I must warn that you read in the details of the materials used. Not all makers use organic materials.

The outside is usually constructed of a knitted cotton fabric and the inside will usually be wool. One of the signatures features of a Waldorf doll is its hair which is made of mohair.

Instructions and books are available that can help crafters learn how to make a Waldorf doll. The toy project does look like a tedious project and not for the novice crafter and seamstress. However, it might provide an alternative for those who can't afford to purchase one. The Waldorf doll is adorable in its own way and even serves a purpose that is worth the money alone. Can you put a price on creativity? Well, perhaps, but you can be the judge for yourself.