Walk in showers are fast becoming the luxury bathroom requirement in today's home.

You might remember walk in showers from your days at school, or when you used to visit the gym. Domestic walkin showers have all the benefits of these (space and ease of access), with none of the hassles (like lack of privacy).

A walk in shower adds a new dimension to any bathroom and are easy to install in almost any home - whether it be modern or vintage. Although larger than a standard shower unit, they can be bought either in standard sizes, or made in a bespoke design to fit whatever space you have available in your bathroom. This means that, as well as being a great choice for modern homes, they are also a great choice for people with older homes that perhaps have a small or oddly shaped bathroom. Unlike a wet room, they don't need to take up the whole room, so can be a practical choice for those that would like a shower and drying area / washbasin in the same room.

Aside from the advantage of style, walkin showers are a great choice for practical reasons too. They are considerably more safe than regular showers, or showers installed in a bath. This is because they either have no raised entrance, or a very slightly raised entrance. People who have difficulty with their mobility can therefore exit and enter the shower with much more ease and confidence. The increased size of the shower also means that there is more room to move around while showering, which makes the whole experience much less stressful. The ability to move without restriction means that no contortion is required, which also reduces the risk of slipping. Lots of walk in showers today also come with an inbuilt shower seat. This provides additional support for people who experience difficulty standing for long periods.

When picking your shower, there are a number of other factors you want to consider. Definitely think carefully about where you will site your shower in the bathroom (and also which room in your house you would like to use for the shower). Although the shower can fit into a small space, it is good to also have enough space outside to dry comfortably, and to make it feel like you are not cramped into a small room. Space goes a long way to providing a sense of luxury.

Shower doors and shower screens are another important issue to consider - this is particularly important if style is important to you , as this is what most people will see first. You can get several different types of door - some slide to the side, others open outwards or inwards.

The trickiest bit to get right is the shower heads right. These are the main purpose of the shower, so it's important to take care, and to pick just the right kind of shower head for your needs, and also the right type of shower head to fit the space. After all, it's no use having a massive shower room, and only a weedy little shower head. Different types of head available include standard overhead, those that simulate rain, plus side jets and floor jets, each of which can provide a massage effect. Bear in mind that there is nothing to say that you have to stop at one shower head - why not fit in as many as practical, for that extra touch of luxury?