Walk Off a Size for Christmas

If you want to wear your outfit of three years ago, you are going to have to shed some pounds. Otherwise, that lovely Christmas dress stays in the closet. You don't have to join a gym; you can develop your own weight shedding program right at home, using household articles to move you toward your goal. The core of your program is walking. It is easy to start. Just don some walking shoes and loose fitting clothes and set out on a path that you know. You can expand your territory later. Walk at a normal pace so that you could carry on a conversation without being winded. Time yourself. Drive the same distance as our walk and check the odometer. You will know what you walked and how many miles or fractions thereof. Do this every morning for five days and then increase the pace on the fifth day. Check out your rate of travel. Keep increasing the pace. One way of moving up your performance is to walk at a normal pace one day and the next day push to a new level and then go back to a normal rate. Do this as a pattern: normal, then increase, then normal.

Now while you are home, develop a toning program which includes crunches and using soup cans as weights. If you want to spend money on your project, you can do so, but the point of this program is that you can do it without spending a penny. You can lie on your back and hold up the soup cans (filled with soup, of course) and do flies. This will tone the upper body. Push the soup cans toward the ceiling and then lower them slowly out to the side. Then very slowly, bring them vertical again.

Christmas Music is Part of Your Program

While you are working out, you can have Christmas music playing in the background: Mario Lanza singing Ave Maria. Bing Crosby singing White Christmas, and my favorite: I Saw Mommie Kissing Santa Clause...The idea is to combine the physical discipline of exercise with the mental attitude of the Christmas spirit. After a while, you will get the hang of it. With the soup cans, you can do presses and lateral raises, vertical raises, slow and fast punches, curls, squats, and crossovers. You can add hovering without using weights. Santa and his elves are watching you and I can assure you that they approve your progress. Now, while you are developing the mental and physical dimensions of your being, you can also master your diet. Stuff yourself on vegetables and reward yourself with fruit. Dring jugs of water and make sure you get enough fiber. You might consider taking a fiber supplement and a multiple vitamin. And water, water, water. Take carbs for the morning with a bit of sugar, such as Cheerios and honey and skim milk or soy milk and for lunch have meat or cheese dish with plenty of vegetables. East light for you eveing meal. I recommend doing two meals a day instead of the usual three. And eating the second meal around 3-4 pm...you can have snack around 8 and nothing but water afterwards. You will find the weight melting off of you. Look in the mirror: Would Santa Claus approve? You could devise a diet for the jolly old guy, but I guess the reindeers keep him on the move and that he likes his weight. Think about it. He has access to the best desserts in the world.

Now, take out your Christmas dress and see how much progress you have made. You discover that it is a bit tight, but still wearable. This then motivates you to shed those extra pounds so that your dress will be a perfect fit. So the next morning, you leave your home with added fervor. You are feeling very powerful and in control now, so you go into the stadium not far from your home and find the stairs to the top. You climb the stairs going up and up and not even winded. But you keep doing it until you do become winded. You come down and do a few leisurely laps. Now you have your program under control. You are looking better every day and you are feeling better. So when you go home you take a look in the mirror and see that you have shed the pounds around your waist and that is truly amazing. And you have vowed not to weigh for a month and now you do and you see you have dropped over twenty pounds and you are very happy. Why? Now you take out your Christmas dress and put it one and it fits perfectly. It hangs on you like you are a wrack that is perfectly designed for it. And there is not tightness anywhere. You have achieved your goal. But the amazing thing is that you still have two more weeks before you will be going to Christmas parties, so you can plan for the right accessories that go with the dress. So you spend your time planning the accessories and taking spot checks in the mirror. Now is the time to get expert opinion on your project, so you invite in your best friends who are totally amazed with your transformation and say so and you are contacted by the local press to pose for them and to provide a bio and description of your efforts so that others can profit from your program. Your before and after picture appears in the news and you are very excited and when you think back it was not one single thing you did, but a combination of things that brought about this result. So your recommendation to others is to start small. Do not expect miracles overnight, but bit by bit you can achieve your goals of walking toward Christmas.This is the key, To add incrementally the elements that make you a winner.