When redesigning or remodeling your bathroom and considering installing a walk in shower there are a number of factors you need to take into account. Many people are looking to install one of those showers that you commonly find in hotel rooms that are fully tiled and you can easily walk into. They look and feel much more luxurious than having to step into a bath and pull a curtain around you. There are many walk in shower designs available and often come with different functions and features which allows you to customize your own shower.

When you are initially planning you bathroom and shower you need to look at the shower placement to maximize space and give yourself enough room to actually be able to walk into it. As well as access, the size of the shower unit is important. You need to be able to move about in it freely but not too big that it takes all of your time to clean it.

An important point to consider, especially if you are installing the shower yourself and that is the slope of the surface onto which the walk in shower enclosure is being installed. It is important that the floor, which is to be tiled is at a slight angle to allow the water to drain away effectively. There are also many choices available with regards the walk in shower enclosure. There can be a small tiled partition wall or a large piece of glass which looks very clean and stunning. Building a wall out of glass bricks also produces a very striking wall to make the enclosure. The only downside to glass is that it will need to be cleaned regularly especially if you live in an area with hard water.

Next we come to the shower head of which there are a multitude of styles and designs. They can come with many heads to fire out water at different angles, or heads can be installed in the walls to produce steam giving you your own personal steam shower. The head can be a modern chrome design or a more traditional large brass model. It is important to match the shower head to the rest of the bathroom vanities though.

A good place to start is to look online at the various shower manufacturers and suppliers sites. You will get a good idea of the ranges of showers that are available and also the prices you will be looking to pay. It is also a great way to start comparing prices as you will find they do differ quite markedly. Before buying though, I would advise looking at displays and show homes to see what these showers actually look like and feel like to stand and walk in as it is difficult to get a good appreciation form an online picture.

If you are looking to modernize your bathroom then certainly a walk in shower is a good option that will create the appearance of space without that large bath in the middle of the room. It will create a stylish look, that will do away with messy shower curtains that may actually add value to your home.