Ever heard of walking the walk and talking the talk?  Walking the walk is easy in Houston as there are great venues for taking a stroll, jog, or run.   Subdivisions with green belts and jogging Walking(50298)paths abound all over the city.  Houses are bought and sold based on availability of trails.  There is even a website that has ranked neighborhoods on how walk friendly they are.  Just as a few of many examples, wooded walking trails grace the Woodlands, a subdivision North of town.  Cinco Ranch to the West provides an example to the West of Houston with fabulous curving green belts with sidewalks.  But, those facilities are really meant for residents of those neighborhoods.

Enter the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.  Two great venues for walking open to the public are Memorial and Hermann Parks

Memorial Park

Not far from downtown,  walkers and joggers are ubiquitous at Memorial Park.  The trail makes a three-mile loop through the park, the largest urban park in the state.  Memorial Park covers over 1,400 acres.  This is the most popular walking trail in Houston.  Also found within the park are tennis and volleyball courts, softball fields, an Arboretum and Nature Center, roads for inline skating, and a golf course.  Picnic tables add to the possibilities for a great day at the park.

Hermann Park

Walking, running and jogging are all seen on the Hermann Park Jogging Trail/Marvin Taylor Exercise Trail.  There is a beautiful trail running two miles through mature Live Oak trees.  And, within the park,  located next to the famous Texas Medical Center, there are many other activities as well.  Miller Outdoor Theater sponsors free outdoor theater productions.  For over 50 years, happy park visitors have ridden the Hermann Park Railroad on a delightful, inexpensive trip through the park.  The Hermann Park Golf Course is one of the oldest and most popular courses in Houston.  The Buddy Carruth Playground has a plethora of play equipment for children, including those with physical handicaps. 

Talk the Talk

Here is a little strategy to get you going on the “talking the talk” theory.   Too many, me included, exercising can just be so boring.  Even with the music and playlist a humming along as you pound the pavement or treadmill, an hour can just seem like an eternity if you are someone who thinks of it as boring.  A few years back, I lost forty pounds a walking around Houston using just this one strategy.  I joined an online audio book club.  Those books became my “talk the talk.” I searched for the book club members’ favorites, looking for titles that customers literally said they could not put down.  That’s what I wanted.  I started subscribing to books that fit that description.  My rule for listening to the books was easy.  I made myself ONLY listen to the book when I was walking.  I began to look forward to walking because I wanted to hear what was coming next in the story at hand.  Exercise became anything but boring.

So, when you find yourself in Houston rather as a resident or visitor, walk the walk and talk the talk!