Foot orthotics is the branch of medicine that deals with the correct abnormalities when it comes to the biomechanics of your feet. It is very important, as many people suffer from foot pain daily due to improper foot support. Instabilities in your feet can also lead to a myriad of other joint problems as well, including ankle, knee and back pains.

For example, people who have "flat feet" have very little arch in their foot and when standing upright, some of their weight is placed on the inside part of the foot. This will cause more stress on the inside (medial side) parts of the ankle and knee. Over time, this may lead to joint pain when running or walking.

Custom Orthotics

Shoe orthotics are the common method to resolve any problems in your foot structure. When you go to a podiatrist, they take a mold of your foot and create a custom orthotic insert for your shoe that will alleviate the pain and rectify your joint mechanics too. This is definitely the best way to help your feet if you needed.

The huge problem with this is the cost. Custom foot orthotics will carry a price tag of at least a few hundred dollars. Even worse, most health insurance plans will barely help you out, and that is if they even cover it at all. It is difficult for many people to be able to spend that kind of money, especially during these hard times when it may seem that there are always more important expenditures.

Walkfit Orthotics

As you may have seen on TV infomercials, Walkfit orthotic insoles are shoe inserts. They are made of a hard and durable white plastic. There is a blue pad by the toes to provide traction so it won't feel loose in your shoe. There are also vent holes that allow your foot to breath and not sweat.

Why You Should Get Them

Walkfit orthotics make a great alternative to custom orthotics. They cost less than $20, as opposed to a likely $400 price tag a podiatrist would charge you. They do a good job of giving proper arch support to prevent you from walking awkwardly. If you experience minor knee or ankle pain from improper leg movements, walk fit orthotics are a simple yet effective product.

Why You Should Not Get Them

Since these are not custom made to fit your foot mold, they may not fit the foot exactly. However, there are 3 different arch sizes - low, medium and high - to account for different foot shapes. Still, this can cause some discomfort initially. So, it will take a while before you get accustomed to having the walkfit insert in your shoe. Also, because it doesn't fit exactly, your foot might not be secure in your shoe. For people with very serious arch issues, you should invest in custom orthotics instead.

Another problem is that it is too rigid. The walk fit orthotic insert is made of a hard plastic which won't yield much to pressure. This also can cause discomfort and even pain. One reason this usually happens is that you don't follow the directions of how to use it. You must completely remove the insole of your shoe before you use the walkfit insert - you cannot just put it in.

In conclusion, for people with very serious problems that need correct and accurate realignment, then you are probably better off with custom orthotics as opposed to walk fit orthotics. However, at no more than $20, walkfit orthotic inserts are a great product to use for people with minor pains that may be caused by abnormal arch support.