Some may telHot Springsl you the ultimate in travel is experiencing your vacation from a new or different perspective, that is, by way of the simple pleasure of a walking tour.  If you are looking for something off the beaten path, something a bit different, want to experience the great outdoors in a fresh new way then, perhaps a walking tour may be just what you are looking for. 

A Few Local Places to Walk

San Francisco is serious when it comes to promoting walking, with a city sponsored WalkFirst San Franciscoprogram, which has worked hard to improve walking conditions with pedestrian safety in mind.  It is a good way to see the Financial District and Chinatown.  New York has long been known to be walker friendly, try a walking tour and you are sure to discover something new, such as the revamped promenade above the Hudson River, known as the High Line.  Cross over the Hudson River, and discover Jersey City, one of the top ranking cities for walking, where you can trek through the many historic neighborhoods, and enjoy different neighborhood farmer’s markets.  Chicago will delight you with MetroWalkz self-guided tours, from the Near North, Gold Coast, GChicago(110023)rant Park/Art Institute tours, to the Magnificent Mile and Navy Pier Tours, as well as free neighborhood festivals and art fairs to distinguished museums, and so much more.  It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and exercise, as you explore the city known as a walker’s dream.  Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love, is so dedicated to pedestrian safety, has one of the largest sign systems for pedestrians in the Center City district.  As you walk and explore at your own pace, you’ll find a family friendly café, and even a Philadelphiachildren’s garden and play area.  Experience the cool descending waterfalls and spectacular panoramic mountain vistas as you explore the Great Smoky Mountains.  Rich in history and natural diversity, the great outdoors is in no short supply with hundreds of walking trails.  As you explore the ancestral homeland of the Cherokee Indians, you can get a glimpse of the past with the preserved farmhouses, log cabins and barns built by early settlers.


Envision trekkCinque-Terre Italying along a scenic path surrounded on all sides where your senses are awakened by the sights and smells of old world fishing villages, where you can easily be mesmerized by the serenity of majestic mountains, where you feel the gentle breeze of the spectacular clear blue waters of the Mediterranean; you have just entered the five villages of Cinque Terre, Italy.  As you continue your walk, you discover hamlets with brightly colored buildings, abbeys, cafes and restaurants. 

A walking tour through Costa Rica’s cloud forests will give you an unforgettMountain Highable experience, where the paths are found near the top of coastal mountains typically covered by clouds. Your adventure will take you through lush flora, wide rivers, intriguing sea coves, fresh still waters, where your sensory perception is bombarded with an abundant supply of natural wonders, destination unknown, as you cross bridges from your lofty position high above the forests.

Walkers are set adrift back in time with a glimpse of Ireland’s historic past, as a leisurely walk takes you through Southwest Ireland you will see stone cottages and Iron Age ruins, you might even see wild life.  A guided walking tour along well-worn paths in the various farming villages serves up a sweet savory taste of local culture along the enchanting walking trails.

There are different fitness levels for walking tours, whether it’s exploring the beguiling shorelines of NoMarrakechva Scotia, Canada, the unique breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland, the fertile valleys and Buddhist temples of Bhutan, or stroll through the intriguing markets of Marrakech, an adventure guaranteed to last a lifetime, you are sure to discover something intriguing and unspoiled, as you embrace the untapped beauty of the enchanting vistas on your walking tour which far surpasses traditional sightseeing.

Different Types of Walking Tours

There are so many different types of walking tours to meet almost all tastes and fitness levels, whetheLogo(110028)r guided or independent.  Tempting the palate are culinary walking tours geared toward families or solo travelers; there are guided tours that combine walking with different outdoor activities, such as biking, kayaking, and even horseback riding; some walking tours will combine walking with conventional sightseeing, so you may tour museums, do a little shopping, sample local cuisine, and then top off the day with a guided country, rural, or urban walking tour.  If you want to elevate your walking experience a bit, there are walking tours that are educational from a historical perspective of the local culture, combining educational activities to enhance your vacation walking tour experience.  Offering up fresh air and exercise, walking tours will certainly allow you to enjoy your vacation from a new perspective.


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