Walk Your Way to Health

You (like me) might have tried every various method under the sun to lose weight. In the end though, even exercise regemens recommended by prominent fitness experts followed by diets forged by the best nutritionists have failed. It seemed like I was missing something.

Inspiration While Driving to the Gym

One day as I was driving to the gym I thought to myself, "This is crazy. Here I am DRIVING to go get some exercise. Why don't I just walk everywhere instead and see where that gets me!" It turns out that walking is a crucial activity for those trying to lose weight. It is effective, it builds stamina and is very easy to perform. You might have noticed that people who walk more during the day, or those who walk fast are in better shape. This is because simple walking burns a ton of calories without you even having to think about it. 

Twalking to burn fatCredit: photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photo pin cco get the best results out of walking, you should do it 30 – 60 minutes a day. The faster you walk the better. Try to find ways to work it into your day. Instead of just saying, "I'm going for a walk to get some exercise", try walking to the grocery store or wherever your errands take you.

When you decide to start walking to lose weight, you should first concentrate on mileage and time spent walking rather than on speed. The speed will come so don't try to overdue it right away. The technique for walking to burn fat is simple: hold your back straight and try not to swing arms much – the whole focus should be on legs and they should get fatigued. And the whole process of losing weight should start with the legs.

Fast walking makes you more alert and awake so it should not be practiced in evening or before sleep – the best time to walk fast is morning. If you are not far from work, walk there. Try walking instead of driving whenever you can. 

Look Better, Feel Better, and Even Save Some Money

To lose weight, fast walking should be done at least 5 times a week, but the best is to do it every day. If you just want to stay in shape, 3 times a week will be enough. Fast walking also has positive effects on your psyche as it reduces stress and anxiety levels while contributing to better quality of sleep. You have nothing to lose except perhaps some fat and you will gain health, be happier, and even possibly save some money on that gym membership you never use!

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