Walking to lose weight is a very enjoyable activity.

However, prior planning is needed in order to achieve the goal of walking to lose weight.

I personally like to walk from 3 pm to 7 pm. I am not a morning person. If I had to wake up early in the morning for the sake of walking to lose weight, I would feel moody the whole day.

That is why I prefer to sleep into the late morning, and use the afternoon to walk.

Walking to lose weight for four continuous hours is not that hard. I do not set the walking goal in term of the hours for walking. I set the goal in term of the number of steps taken.

I can walk about 6000 steps in an hour. That means 24000 steps in 4 hours.

Since I need to walk to perform other activities in the course of the day, I usually set the goal of 28000 steps.

Walking to lose weight involves mathematics. At the rate of burning 1 calorie for every 20 steps, I would have burnt 1400 calories if I could reach the goal of walking 28000 steps.

The problem with walking to lose weight is that most of us hardly have the time to walk 28000 steps every day. That is why the weekends are so precious.

I hate those wet weekends. The continuous rain spoils my mood for walking.

Even though I can walk up and down the stairs in my apartment block, it is hard to achieve the target of walking 28000 steps.

If you have a treadmill at home, you are less likely to get affected by the weather.

I find that the hardest part of walking to lose weight is the motivation to start walking. It is always hard to push myself to get out of house. Do you face the same problem?

However, once I step out of my house, walking to lose weight becomes easier.

The next hardest part of walking to lose weight comes two hours later. That is the time when a small voice tells me that I have walked enough, and that it is time to go home.

The pedometer usually registers 15000 steps, which is still 13000 steps less than my target.

Once I overcome the next obstacle, walking to lose weight becomes an achievement. I start to feel proud of myself to take a stand and drown out that little discouraging voice.

Walking to lose weight is enjoyable when the weather is nice, and the park is full of blooming flowers. That is the time when I cease to pay attention to the walking and breathing. That is the time when I enjoy the breeze and the fragrance of the flowers.

The best part of walking to lose weight comes after the walk.

I love the feeling of success. I love to do the calculation to see how many calories I have burnt from walking to lose weight activity.

I love to reward myself with a cup of ice cream. I love to the feeling of the blood circulation. I can even feel the warm blood circulating throughout the body.

I love the shower that cleanses my body of the sweat. I love to sleep deeply at night. Walking to lose weight is always more enjoyable after the walk. Walking to lose weight hardly seems like an enjoyable activity when I am walking. However, the feeling of happiness that comes afterward is hard to describe. If you have tried walking to lose weight, you will understand the happiness of accomplishment.