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WalkStation Treadmill

Exercise, get fit, and be productive

I simply love the idea of being able to exercise and get some work done. One of my personal biggest excuses for not getting in the exercise I need is, "not having enough time" or simply, "too much to do".

Maybe you have been there.

It often seems like there are just too many balls in the air and too much to do to get the daily fitness and exercise in.  Even though we may know that we need it.

But with the treadmill desk table combinations, that excuse disappears.

You can get some work done, make calls, surf the net, update your facebook and all other sort of work, productivity and fun "stuff" all while walking on your treadmill.

It is possible...but takes some talent to do it while jogging. But I know I can't personally jog and work.

Of all the treadmill/desk hybrid combinations on of the most popular and best rated is the simple Walkstation. If there was a pinnacle in the ability to exercise while still at the office, that peak would be this nifty adjustable desk/ treadmill.

The walk-station is a fairly simple idea conceptually. It has large desk area we can set up computer and all desk necessities along with a treadmill to walk on. Rather than hours sitting at a desk getting no exercise you can have hours walking in a gentle and easy pace doing everything you normally be doing sitting at your desk.

Of course this desk/ treadmill combination is something that is not for everybody. It may be a hard sell to allow your bosses to replace your desk in a cubicle with a Walkstation. Any strenuous exercise on your walk station may result in obvious sweating which would not be very conducive in a business suit. So the walk station is certainly a situational option.

But if you want to be productive and also get some fitness in, there are few things cooler than this nifty work station and fitness machine combination.

The TrekDesk

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk
Amazon Price: $589.00 $479.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 6, 2013)
The Trek Desk Walkstation is a huge desk add on the can be used with most standard treadmills.

This does not include the treadmill.
LifeSpan TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk (2013 Model)
Amazon Price: $1,999.99 $1,499.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 6, 2013)
One of the most popular and highly rated treadmill/desk hybrids. A great way to get things done and get your daily dose of walking in at the same time.

But What about the Cost of the Walkstation?

The other issue with the Walkstation is the price. Good treadmills are never cheap. This is a good treadmill. So it is not cheap, in fact the Walkstation could be considered quite expensive. The walk station sells for about $4200 and therefore may certainly be outside the budget for many people.

But for those can afford the this exercise machine and can handle gently walking for a few hours while doing their work, the walking work station is the peak of in-office exercise.  Productivity and exercise, it doesn't get much better than that. This machine has a highly adaptable, height adjustable workstation. The treadmill part of the self is a commercial grade low-speed treadmill designed specifically for walking. It has a very narrow defined purpose, but for that purpose there's simply nothing better. With this height adjustable desk and treadmill a person could get their daily cardio and stay in peak physical health without ever needing to leave the office. The workstation for this great treadmill may be the perfect tool for the busy executive who also wishes to maintain top physical condition.

The Elliptical Machine and Desk Combo may only be for a small and select handful of people, but for those that can afford it and have the space, there is simply no better way to work out at work out.

For those that cannot afford the space or cost of a "Walk Station" there are a lot of really inexpensive alternatives that can combine to give some great in office exercise. Below you can see the least expensive device that could be used to "make do" on a standard treadmill or bicycle or elliptical machine: the Surfshelf.

The Surfshelf is an inexpensive alternative to the Walkstation and a great way to get some productivity done, or just surf the web or check out your favorite social media while you exercise.

Whether you decide on the expensive pinnacle of productivity in the treadmill designed desk or a simple add-on like the plastic shelf that will hook onto any existing elliptical, treamill or bike, it is important to get in that exercise and fitness and live a longer, healthier and happier life.

The Surfshelf

SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: Laptop and iPad Holder
Amazon Price: $59.95 $39.95 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 6, 2013)
A unique Exercise machine add-on, the surfshelf will secure books, laptops, tablets and any other small devices to any elliptical, stationary bike or treadmill.