Wall art quotes bring a wall to life. These temporary wall stickers turn home and office decor into unique opportunities to tell stories through design. In fact, they are one of the most popular and fun design trends going as there's a quote for every room style, occasion, and personality you can imagine. Intrigued? Keep reading to get the intel on these cool decor items, discover some excellent ideas for their use, and learn about the prices for them (hint: you'll be surprised).

Wall Art Quotes: The Writing's On The Wall

The more that you read, the more things you will know_Dr. Seuss wall art quoteThey say pictures are worth a thousand words, but this adage doesn't account for words placed in interesting, unorthodox places. Then words have loads of power, often more so than the items surrounding them.

This is why wall art quotes are so popular. They invade spaces once deemed touchable by only photos and paintings. In fact, they enhance that space, working in tandem with your design to create context and personality in your room. Wall art quotes really bring home decor to a level of unique story telling.

Wall art quotes are a special kind of wall sticker (or wall tattoo) that has all of the benefits associated with the design trend. They're made of vinyl, easy to apply, just as easy to remove, extremely versatile, and surprisingly inexpensive (more on that later). What makes wall art quotes distinct is how the words themselves can impact the tone of the room. There's literally hundreds, if not thousands, of wall art quote varieties, meaning you've got a lot of creative ways to play and story tell. There's historic quotes, playful Dr. Seuss quotes, sayings related to cooking, words that tie family together, inspirational quotes, and so much more. When you use these words to complement your design, you've got a powerful look on your hands that is rich with meaning.

Dinner is better when we eat together_wall art quote

And best of all, they're temporary. You can change your quote whenever you'd like. In this way, your walls can be a constant inspiration to you and your guests. You can adapt them to fit your new decor, to celebrate a season, or to match your lifestyle.

Places To Use Wall Art Quotes

Let's cut to the chase - any home wall is a potential canvas for wall art quotes. They really cut across design schemes, so use your imagination. But for a little inspiration, here's a few popular uses that you may want to try as a starting point:

  • Use Dr. Seuss quotes in your children's bedrooms (it's playful fun!)
  • Place a literary quote on the wall near your bookshelves
  • Dress up your kitchen with a quote on eating or cooking
  • Tie together family photos on a wall with a quote related to the importance of family
  • Use a holiday quote to anchor your Christmas decorations, Halloween decor, or any other special occasion
  • Place your favorite quote of all time as an anchor in your living room

Wall Art Quotes In Business Locations

Buddha_wall art quoteThese wall stickers are an excellent way to inspire a work force. They've got a creativity to them that people enjoy, and there are tons of wall quotes out there that have deep motivational meaning. It's a great way to keep innovative thinking alive and to unify your teams. Plus, since you can switch them up, you can create themes throughout the year. It makes coming to work that much more interesting.

Wall Art Quote Prices

If you are expecting big prices for wall art quotes, you're in for a surprise. They're not expensive at all. Most range from $5 to $15, and that includes some real interesting quotes with unique calligraphy. There's a lot of value here.

As far as visual story telling goes, few pieces of home decor work more for you than wall art quotes. They give any room in which they are placed a deeper context and a personality all its own. You can create some truly inspirational looks.