Wall Candle Decor Adds to Decorating Style

Modern candle sconces create unique accents.

Wall candle décor greatly expands the lighting and decorating options for your home.  Electric lighting is common and versatile but modern candle sconces offer design choices and character that electric light fixtures can’t produce.

Using candles for a source of light has the obvious effect of being one of the ways to save money on utilities.  The amount saved will depend on the type of candles you purchase.  Scented candles tend to cost a little more than unscented candles.  Candles are portable so you can take the light with you from room to room.  Candle light adds a certain amount of charm to a room.  It can help to induce certain moods and assist in relaxation techniques.  The light is very soft and the flickering movement is warm and friendly.

Wall candle décor is found in different sizes, shapes and designs.  When the average person thinks about candle sconces, they typically picture an old fashioned design that would fit in well in a medieval castle.  There are rustic sconces available if this is what you seek.  Some iron and resin designs can help create an antique or medieval style in a room.  Rustic sconces look good in a log home or in country décor.  Victorian sconces are a good fit in rooms with more of a Victorian decorating style.  Modern candle sconces come in some very sleek and attractive contemporary designs.  Some of these are very stylish and will work with almost any style of decorating.  Glass and brass sconces aren’t very popular but they are very safe and can be great accents in the right places.  There is no risk of these candle sconces caching on fire or melting.

You can use candle wall sconces to bring focus to a piece of art or a photo gallery.  The movement of the flame is a good way to catch people’s eye and direct them o what you want them to look at.  Just make certain that the candle’s flame doesn’t get too close to the picture, painting, or poster.  You don’t want your collection going up in flames.

Another way to use modern candle sconces is to use them outdoors.  Before you roll your eyes just hear me out.  Some of the larger candle wall sconces have a nice wide and flat surface to place a candle on.  This makes a nice and sturdy spot to place citronella candles.  If you spend time outdoors or on your patio you are probably aware of citronella candles and may already use them.  Citronella candles keep bugs away when they are burning.  Placing a few on sconces around your patio will make your time outdoors more enjoyable.  Honestly, this is my new favorite way of using wall candle décor.

Wall candle decor