Wall covering ideas. Are you trying to update your home? Or are you thinking of selling your home, renting your home, or possibly flipping your home, and you have some bad drywall to deal with?

It doesn't take much to damage drywall, but it can be a pain to fix it. If it is just small holes or cracks, then simply purchasing a small tub of spackle or drywall repair compound, and you are good to go. Put some over the small imperfection with a flat scrapper, then let dry then sand until smooth, and then paint.

Removable Peel and Stick Mural is an Option

 1. You Can Add a Stunning Mural

to totally disguise the wall, such as this stone looking wall mural, or go more minimal with vinyl lettering and verses.

But what if you have bigger problems than that? You could rip the drywall off and start again, but this is a big undertaking, especially since it is likely to damage the ceiling, and unless you are good at drywall finishing, you will still have seams and nail holes and lots of sanding dust to deal with.

So what do you do? There are a few good wall covering ideas on the market, and in books that might just do the trick. At the very least, take your eye away from the imperfections, and be a great DIY way to take care of the wall on the cheap.


Cover the Wall with Faux Stone 3D Paper

Vintage Faux Wood Paper

The above wallpapers are peel and stick and totally removable, so if you want to change it out, or maybe you are renting, you can update a bad and ugly wall with this super authentic looking 3D papers.

2. Cover the Wall with Paintable Wallpaper

It is thicker and embossed, and once put up, you can paint over it, for a nice look. I found rolls of this in the decorating section of your large box home hardware stores for cheap.

3. Decorative paint Processes

Such as sponging, or ragging, or by using those decorative rollers and different colors of paints for a mottled or marble look. Many of the decorating stores have kits for these types of wall covering ideas. This takes your eye away from the problem areas.

Paintable Wallpaper Covers Many Imperfections

Brewster 437-RD80028 Folded Paper Textured White Paintable Wallpaper
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(price as of Sep 16, 2018)

4.  Textured Paint

But if your wall is really bad, with dips and holes and bumps, just too much to try and "hide", then you should move up to "textured paint".

This comes in different textures. Personally, I found for the wall, there is one called "sand" finish, which is a grainy finish, which is just thick enough to cover even holes and ugly spots on the drywall.

You will find it in the paint section, or where ever they sell the ceiling texture paint. It is also with the wall repair kits, and is sold in big tubs like paint. It actually goes on like paint, just thicker, and is great at smoothing out imperfections while giving it a textures feel. It reminds me of icing.

Or if you already have the paint, simply purchase this medium below to create instant texture as you add it to your own paint.

Add this to Your Paint and Roll on Wall - Covers Well

Rust-Oleum 22233 1-Pound Medium Box Roll-A-Tex
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5. Cover with cork board

and make a huge bulletin board. Frame around the border with trim, and it is great for an office or kids room.

My Story:

We purchased a house to renovate, and then rent. I wanted it to be nice. So, we have been doing a lot of work, especially removing wallpaper. This house was wall to wall wallpaper, and it was also coming off, and was stuck in the 80's. With the help of a steamer we were able to get the wallpaper off without much wall damage.

But one room, had been done a few times, and after removing the wallpaper, we also had to remove cork tiles that were already half off, and the ones that had come off had taken the top layer of the drywall paper with it.

We left that room to last, as it was suggested that we just replace the drywall, but the wall drywall was up behind the ceiling drywall, and it was already a second layer. So, for the sake of cost, we decided to do something about it ourselves.

We picked off any loose paper and drywall fuzz, and then took a large scrapper and coated it with drywall repair spackle. After sanding we decided that it was pretty good, and used two coats of primer. The primer I use, is quite thick and it seemed to smooth out any imperfections. We will also make sure that when we topcoat we will use a egg shell finish or flat.

If you use any shiny paint, ALL imperfections will show.

If this doesn't work, then we will go with the venitian plaster look, which is basically drywall spackle, smeared on the wall in a thin layer to look like old world plaster. Then painted in mottled colors. But we will save that idea for last.

So, you don't have to resort to putting more wallpaper up, and you don't have to rip the drywall down, you just have to get creative.

Another great idea, is to create a "work of art" on your wall. You can take your wall and make a grid, then invite your kids and their friends to paint a picture in a square each. They each get a square on the grid to work with. All together this will look like a work of art mural. You could then topcoat this with a satin varathane to protect it. Don't forget to let them sign it.

Or just buy a really big picture or mirror in a frame!