For parents who are not finding out the sex of their children prior to birth, a gender neutral nursery is a must. Wall decals are a simple and affordable to add accents or provide a backdrop for a children’s room. Review the list below to find some of the most unique wall decals for a gender neutral nursery.

Gender Neutral Nursery Themes

If you are seeking gender-neutral nursery themes, there are many to choose from. Check out this article for a substantial list of gender-neutral nursery theme ideas.

Gender Neutral Color Options

Gender Neutral Nursery DecorCredit: Premaman Lietuva

Color schemes for gender-neutral nursery themes typically revolve around earth tones and avoid a dominance of gender specific colors like blue and pink. Here are five simple, attractive gender-neutral nursery color schemes:

1. Yellow, Green, Brown: This color set will support different animal themes and others well. Try to go light on the brown and use different shades of yellow and green.

2. Blue, White, Grey: This scheme is typical of nautical nurseries and is appropriate for other themes as well including puppy themes and teddy bear decorations.

3. Green, Yellow, White: Using a darker green as the dominant color leaves many options to build on. If you have greens and yellows that are too bright, you will likely end up with a nursery that is reminiscent of Easter.

4. Blue, Pink: One option for gender neutrality is to explicitly present the most gender dominant colors: blue and pink. Accent this type of baby’s room with stuffed animals and books on shelves.

5. Red, White and Blue: It is possible to group these colors in a kids room without seeming overtly patriotic. To remain neutral in gender and theme when using these three colors, avoid white stars, flags and stripes. (Unless, of course, that’s what you’re going for.)

Where to Buy Gender Neutral Wall Decals

Wall decals for the nursery can often be generic and plain. Etsy is the best place to find great wall decals that would look appropriate in a boys and girls room. Here are four of the best wall decals for gender-neutral nurseries on Etsy:

1. Owl, Moon & Stars from Airlie Creations. This set of wall stickers would add a great accent to any kid’s room. The set could easily serve as the main backdrop that the rest of the decorations are built around.

2. Bamboo with Butterflies from StudioWallArt. I know the word ‘butterfly’ immediately conjures a pink painted room full of princesses. The butterflies with these stickers are optional. The reason I enjoy this wall decal so much for a nursery is it would look fantastic with actual bamboo displayed around the room. Bamboo is easy to grow and requires minimal maintenance. Just remember to keep it out of the reach of the little ones.

3. Wooden Toys by Dezignwithaz. These stickers could easily provide the main backdrop for a general toy themed nursery. The decals are also quite sizeable to make it easier to pepper them throughout the room.

4. Large Circle Kit by Bubba and Doodle. This collection of circles come in various sizes and shapes. They would set a playful tone for a basic, cute nursery.

Other sites for great gender-neutral wall decals

Here are two other places to find great wall decals for your baby’s room:

1. Wee Décor: I love perusing the wall stickers at this site. Here you can find a large variety of personalized options. This is the site I like to browse the most when hunting down wall decals for a gender neutral nursery.

2. 41 Orchard: The stickers here are very unique, search here to add a kitschy touch.

Before buying, be sure to visit the vendors mentioned on this page to find the best wall decals for a gender neutral nursery.