If you have a beautiful garden, patio, or balcony outdoors you might need a bit of exterior decor look added to your home. Wall garden fountains add some flare to your exterior home, and pretty much blend in with any look outdoors. A really good traditional wall garden fountain for outdoors brings more class, and elegance to your landscape and exterior decor of your home. If you're going to go with the best kind of wall garden fountains for outdoors there are plenty of different models and materials to choose from. Uniquely designed water fountains are the first things that standout. Whether you have a patio, walkway, or garden you can basically place a wall garden fountain anywhere outdoors where it can be mounted.  They're simply used for decorative purposes, and nothing more basically. Down below are some examples of some cool designed wall garden fountains to buy online or in stores for outdoors.

Best Stone Wall Garden Fountains for Outdoors

You want something thick and strong when it comes to picking a good garden fountain for your home. Stone fountains are by far the most recognized and used materials when it comes to scalping a unique looking fountain. Luckily wall mount stone fountains aren't as big and heavy. Wall fountains are easier to move around, and they don't take up any space outdoors. One of the nicer and more popular fountains is the Lion Head Outdoor Wall Mount Garden Fountain being sold online at amazon. It adds a bit of a traditional, and classy appearance. It goes well any outdoor home decor.

Lion Head Outdoor Wall Mount Garden FountainCredit: www.amazon.com

 It's something that can  bring a bit of style to your garden, patio, outdoor balcony, or as an entrance outdoors to your home. It comes with a water pump to circulate up to 5 gallons of water. It's made with alabastrite. Alabastrite is one of the traditional materials that's featured in very fine sculpture crafted stone garden fountains. The wall mount ones feature some unique designs, and having one of a lion might appeal to your senses. Alabastrite is a form of a polyresin that's very strong, and relatively light. The most uniquely design statues usually feature polyresin, since its very easy to sculp.  Alabastrite can be painted as well in different colors. It's more decorative compared to other materials. Alabastrite design wall mounted water fountains aren't exactly cheap. They usually can range anywhere between $70-$300 dollars.

One thing about resin is that it can't withstand cold  weather. Resin literally freezes in cold weather conditions, and can crack. So during the winter you'll want to store your polyresin garden fountains indoor. The Alfresco Home Galatea Wall Resin Fountain is a beautifully gray designed fountain that features a lightweight pump with a led light. It looks quite eloquent late at night out on balconies, gardens, walkways, and patios. Polyresin garden fountains are authentic throwback materials commonly used to produce a traditional design fountain outdoors. Polyresin is known as a hardener that is naturally sticky.

mercantila.comCredit: Alfresco Home Galatea Wall Resin Fountain

Best Fiberglass Wall Garden Fountains for Outdoors

Fiberglass might be the very best to buy when it comes to durability. Fiberglass isn't likely to break or rust. A good reinforced plastic garden fountain is much more durable for outdoors. If you're a fan of dolphin designed fountains, then amazon has a composed fiberglass Dolphin Wall Fountain you can buy for a decent price. Fiberglass molded garden fountains aren't any cheaper than other well crafted garden fountains. Fiberglass is better than concrete, since concrete can be more prone to cracks. It's the safe choice to make for a quality designed wall mounted garden fountain for outdoors.