What is a wall hugger recliner?

Wall Hugger Recliners
If you live in a small home or apartment, or if you have a room that is too small to fit a normal sized recliner, there are options available to use the space efficiently.  Wall hugger recliners are designed to fit in small rooms where you do not have the luxury to place a chair several inches from the wall in order for it to recline.  You may have already experienced the damaging effects of a reclining chair in your den or living room from the amount of room it needs to fully recline and extend its foot rest.  If your wall has scrapes, scratches, and marks from your armchair recliner leaning back, then you may be interested in what a wall hugger recliner has to offer.  

A wall hugger recliner does just what the name suggests.  It “hugs the wall” by only requiring only a few inches or less between the chair and the wall in order to fully recline.  A traditional reclining chair may require up to 6-8 inches of space, sometimes even more, to recline into is most relaxing positions.  This means that the majority of the day it is taking up valuable room in your den or living room sitting in the upright position.  The benefit of a wall hugger, is that even in the upright position, there is no wasted floor space.  

Wall hugger recliners achieve this phenomenon by using a “gliding” mechanism that causes the seat of the armchair recliner to slide forward as it reclines rather than backwards.  In addition, once into this “forward” position, when you lean farther back into the chair, it slides even further forward leaving the almost same clearance behind the chair as when it started.  

Types of wall hugger recliners:

There are many different types of wall hugger recliners available on the market.  Whether you are setting up a home theatre, or just have a small amount of space to fit a recliner into, there are nearly limitless options available.

CatNapper Teddy Bear Wall Hugger Recliner - All CatNapper wall huggers only require an astonishing 1 inch of clearance off the wall.  They don’t compromise size or comfort to achieve this feature and are consider to some of the most comfortable fabric reclining chairs on the market.  The large padded pillowtop seating and armrests give you the best place to relax in the house after a hard days work.

Willy Microfiber Recliner - This overstuffed microfiber recliner also offers the benefits of requiring just a few inches of clearance to extend completely in its reclined position.  It features a dirt and stain resistant microfiber covering that feel extremely plush and luxurious.  It features hardwood construction and a 1 year warranty.  

Limitations of wall hugger recliners:

Some people expect that because a reclining chair is a “wall hugger” that it takes up less space when reclined than a traditional leather recliner.  Unfortunately the best designed chair in the world cannot change the amount of space that is needed to fit a person on the chair.  When a wall hugger recliner is fully extended, it will still take about quite a bit of room.  The benefits of this type of chair are that it doesn’t waste space when not in use.