Installing the best wall mounted ballet barre brackets for your home or dance studio can mean the difference between a shaky, unstable practice barre and one that is sturdy and safe for daily use. I can't think of anything worse for a ballet student or dance professional than resting his or her body weight on a trusted barre only to have it come loose from the wall. A barre must be attached firmly and positioned properly at the right height to be effective. Although I am  talking about a practical dance apparatus, it represents the daily sacrifice and  physical discipline that is required to make it as a professional ballerina.

Wall Mounted Barre Brackets For Ballet Come In Many Varieties

Rincons Ballet Barre Bracket, Double Fixed Wall Barre Bracket, Center Joining UnitCredit: you have ever installed a dance barre in your home, you may not be satisfied with the mounts that come standard with the product.  If you are in the market for a replacement, manufacturers are creating pieces that are only functional, but decorative as well. Finding the right one can be a challenge, however. Brackets can either support a double-barre placement or a single-barre placement.

Why Would A Dancer Need A Replacement Bracket For A Ballet Barre?

With daily use, almost anything can start to wear out. That includes the plaster or surface area of your walls. Since practice means holding on to the apparatus daily, stretching the arms and legs over it and generally wearing it out, the mountings can come loose. Some dancers want extra mounts to support more weight securely. A professional dance studio may want reinforcements all along the barre at regular intervals for safety and longevity.


Choosing Wall Mounted Ballet Barre Brackets For Your Needs

There a few things you need to know before choosing a bracket for your ballet barre. Here are a few that I can think of :

  • Is your barre single or double? Wall mounts are totally different depending on this style feature.
  • Do you need a bracket for the end section or for a center section?
  • Do you want to connect two poles to make one long barre area for a dance studio?
  • Will it be used daily by hundreds of students in a professional dance studio, or will it be used recreationally at home?
  • The width of the pole

If you are hardware and/ or tool-impaired (like me) , it might be better to get somebody to install the brackets for you. Since this is my problem, the idea of trying to drill a hole in my wall and attach one of these without it coming out totally crooked is why getting help is a nice idea. Of course, getting help from the manufacturer of your product is the best bet. They can advise a customer on the right replacement parts for that particular product.