If you have a budding collection of decorative plates or a want your dinner plates to be easily accessible a wall mounted wooden plate rack may be an excellent way solution to achieving easy plate access or to display all or part of your collection. These wall mount plate racks make it easy to keep your shelves and cabinets free of clutter and they also making displaying your plates a safer exercise as damage to wall hangings occur far less often than damage to items displayed on shelves. With a wall mounted plate rack you don't run the risk of items bumping your plates nor do you run the same risk of running out of display space. Your wall space is often far more abundant than available shelf space which is why so many collectors opt to use wooden plate racks hung on the wall.

Of course wooden plate racks are not necessary, wire or metal mounted plate racks do just as fine however wooden racks and their frames tend to be more forgiving on your plates and your decorative items. Plates that are delicate may be scratched by metal or wire racks and although they are just as secure as wood these racks may be less desirable to a true collector.

Wall Mounted Plate Racks For Everyday Plates

Wall Mount Wood Plate RackA wall mount wood plate rack is not only beneficial for decorative plates but can be a great solution for storing everyday dinner plates. Most people have a large collection of plates available for use on a daily basis but rarely are those plates actually used. Families of two to six people may never even need the six other plates in their collection which are only brought out when company comes to visit.

Because many plates and kitchen accessories are only used infrequently it can be a great space saving idea to store your extra plates and dinner wear out of the kitchen and place only the necessities in a wooden wall mounted plate rack so that you can open up an entire cabinet for kitchen and pantry items. Many kitchens have limited space for food storage and kitchen equipment and this is a good way to maximize that space.

A wooden plate rack for your dinner plates will probably look like a small cabinet mounted on the wall however it doesn't have to be a large and it can be open or closed. For safety and cleanliness installing a closed plate rack cabinet may be beneficial but if you are going for ease of use and simplicity in design an open wall mount plate rack may be the way to go. An open plate rack will simply be a wooden frame which holds a mall selection of frequently used plates without having to be behind closed doors. Much like wine glass holders make hanging wine glasses easy a plate rack can make the storage of frequently used plates a breeze.

If you find yourself shopping for wall mounted plate racks for your everyday use plates you may want to at least consider plate racks stands for your countertop or even for inside your kitchen cabinets because these can make storage of dinnerware simple without requiring any wall space which in some kitchen areas can be hard to come by. Separating your plates in a wooden plate rack can help in maintaining your plates as you are less likely to nick and ding them as they rub against each other so even if buying a dedicated closed plate rack is not an options a shelf design may be handy just as well.

Cost Of Wooden Plate Racks

Simple Wooden Counter Top Plate RackDepending on the type of wall mounted wooden plate rack you want to buy the prices are going to vary greatly. Even within product types the prices for various qualities of wooden plate racks are also going to vary greatly.

For instance if you were to head over to your local home furnishing store and look for a decorative plate rack you would probably find only a few selections ranging from ten to fifty dollars in depending on the quality of the rack and type of wood or construction used to manufacture the piece. Some higher end stores which offer highly decorative plate racks may even have some high quality racks priced well into the hundreds.

Likewise, if you were to do your shopping online you would probably find a greater variety of plate racks to choose from including wall mount and shelf set plate racks for generally lower prices as a whole based on quality of construction and depending again upon the retailer, the decorative appeal of the rack, and the wood used to make it.

Wooden Cabinet Style Plate Rack System

Similarly if you wanted a wall mounted wooden plate rack in a cabinet style design either open faced or closed you would also find online plate racks and cupboards to be better priced and in more abundance of variety. In fact the difference would probably be even more pronounced because the items are larger and in less demand.

A basic single decorative plate rack won't cost much wherever you buy it but you will receive better prices and more selection online but a large plate rack hang-on-the-wall cupboard will be significantly better to buy online unless you have a reputable specialty furniture manufacturer in your neighborhood. Shipping charges are definitely concern as size of items increase but the benefits of buying these types of plate racks and cupboards online may be worth it anyway.

As previously stated the best places to shop for items like this are the decorative furniture stores online which can offer wide varieties of home furnishing from a wooden wall mounted plate rack, to a decorative wine rack, to a wall mounted magazine rack and everything in between. Even if you do not find that the pricing points are much different than what you can find in local stores you should at least see the amazing increase in variety from these specialized online retailers which can make finding exactly what you want much easier.