The technology for wall mount telephones has come a long way compared to the original phones. For those who are used to have a wall phone in their home they might be interested in learning about the history of telephones and where they have come from.

A Beautiful Chrome Wall Phone

The wall telephone has improved tremendously over the last two or three decades. Two or three decades ago the original phone company was manually operated by operators who were stationed behind very large switch boards. When a call came in the operator picked up the call to find out where it needed to be routed to they would then manually plug the call into the switchboard so the call could be routed through. These calls were routed from one vintage wall phone to another vintage wall phone on the other end. The thing is that at the time this system was used it was the sign of modern times and not everyone had a rotary wall phone in their home.

The next form of technology was the ten digit phone system. The use of the rotary wall phone and corded wall phones continued. This system worked because computers were used at telephone companies and that computer had the ability to identify where the call originated and it was then automatically connected to the number dialed. This automated system removed the need for the operators who manually connected the calls by plugging them into the switchboard.

A Basic Vintage Wall Phone

The retro phone that had a rotary dial grew to be the push button telephone. This old wall phone that used a rotary or push button system of dialing numbers are no longer in service. The ability to use these types of phones became outdated as phone technology became analogue, then digitized and now it you can talk over the internet. Wall mount phones are still used today the difference is you don't have to have a cord going from the phone to the telephone outlet.

With each new form of technology that allowed the smooth connection of calls from one person to another came variations in the telephones used. Wall mount phones and desk phones were the first phones used. These are now considered to be vintage phones. The invention of the wall phone for the home has allowed most people to get their phone up out of the reach of their children while making their desk, end tables or coffee table look neater and free of clutter.

Wall phones can be put up anywhere you have a phone line run such as your kitchen, garage, and some even have a wall telephone in their bathroom. Phones in the bathroom come in handy if you are bathing the children and you are expecting an important call. There was a time that the only internet available to use was dial up internet which meant that you had to have what was called a land line in order to be able to connect to and surf the net. Technology has come a long way and most of today's generation doesn't have a clue just how far.