Wall tattoos turn your otherwise boring wall into a work of art and an amazing act of self-expression. Also known as wall decals or wall stickers, they are your funky, fun, and easy alternative to messy paints and time-consuming wall paper. With their nearly limitless variety, wall tattoos are perfect for any room of the house, especially children's rooms and clever modern designs. Here you'll discover what has made wall tattoos stick in the minds of many, see some of the cool design options available, and learn where to buy these pieces to let your own creativity shine.

Wall Tattoos: Permanent Coolness, Not Permanent Commitment

wall tattoos 5Wall tattoos are made from vinyl and simply stick to your wall like any other removable sticker. They come in every imaginable shape and color under the sun, from famous quotes in calligraphy and chandelier silhouettes, to dandelions blowing in a breeze and intricate tree limbs. There are wall stickers for children's rooms featuring some of their favorite cartoon characters, and other wall decals that add major creativity and sophistication to even the most modern design palate. Some tattoos are tiny, while other are nearly the size of wall murals.

While wall tattoos can be used in conjunction with paints and wallpapers, they are an excellent and trending design choice all their own. They've got a lot of benefits over wallpaper and paint:

  • They are easy to apply. All you do is roll out your sticker, remove the backing from the adhesive side, and place it on a wall. It definitely beats globs of paint and wall paper glue.
  • They are just as easy to remove. The stickers peel right off with minimal fuss. There is no wallpaper stripping or multiple paint coats required.
  • Wall tattoos give you a lot of flexibility. Because of the ease of application and removal, you can change out your look at any time and not feel like it's an entire weekend chore.
  • They add a level of intricate art hard to carry out by an amateur. Some are amazingly complex in their design. If you tried to paint the same style, you'd be hard pressed to match it.
  • They can create a stir. Seriously, these decals can really be a conversation starter, especially when used with a design eye. You can be bold and expressive without fear because of ease of use and removal of these stickers.
  • Wall tattoos are typically the less expensive alternative. Most decals cost between $5 and $25, with some more intricate designs costing more. Compare that to the cost of paint or wallpaper to complete a room.

wall tattoos 4

Where To Use Wall Tattoos

With their ability to be either subtle or striking, you can use them in almost any room or decor style. Many styles even come in a wide array of colors, so you can choose your favorite wall decal style to fit your room's overall color scheme. Don't be afraid to take chances and to mix and match decal sets to create the perfect look for your room. You'll be surprised at some of the artistic visions you can create.

They are also ingenious when used to complement your current home architecture and furniture. You can create some very fun and funky illusions with a well placed decal. Perhaps a chandelier silhouette over the bed or petals from a flower blowing up a stair wall leading people to another floor. The sense of play makes your home not only modern, but also creative and a joy to live in. wall tattoos 2

You can also develop otherwise hard to achieve room styles. You can create a simple forest to compliment a peaceful Zen theme.  Or, for a modern country home, you can use intricate flower stickers to help create a transition state between outdoors and in. There are also some wall tattoos that give the subtle illusion of a window to the outside world with amazing natural and architectural views. These are perfect if you are lacking any sort of view in an apartment or other small space.

Businesses and office spaces can also get in the fun. These stickers are very cost-effective and can be very inspirational for employees. You can place famous, thought-provoking quotes around your workspace, or add a sense of personality to an otherwise dull environment with some colorful wall sticker designs. The flexibility is great here, too, as you could change these wall decals throughout the year to keep your staff engaged with your space.wall tattoos 3

Where To Buy Wall Tattoos

Amazon.com has one of the widest selections of wall tattoos on the market, so it is an excellent place to begin. They've also got a ton of photos within the product pages that can act as inspiration for your design. While shopping online is going to give you the best selection and price, you can also find wall tattoos at home decor stores and craft stores.