Ladies and Gentlemen, It is certainly that time of year again. It's the time of year when malls and stores open up their doors to the incoming hordes of shoppers. So, how can you save some money this holiday season? This article is about saving you money and providing some solid tips for you to get the most for your dollar. As you know, the recent recession has made it extremely difficult for people to buy the stuff they wanted this holiday season. But fear not, because I am here to give you advice and encouragement so you can have the best holidays ever.

One of my first recommendations for you will be good old Walmart. Everyone (almost) has their local Walmart that they like to visit at least once a week. So why not go there for your holiday shopping as well? Walmart has gotten a lot of bad press lately for being a giant organization with Heartless labor standards but this is not what this article is about after all. It is about getting you great deals and in order to do that, Walmart is your best friend. So go ahead and visit your local Walmart his holiday season.

Walmart has great prices because it is so huge. Now a lot of people don't like that about Walmart but the fact of the matter is that this is how they manage to keep things so cheap for you. In order to get their prices down, they buy product in bulk from their suppliers and therefore push down their per-unit costs and therefore prices. They also have very efficient inventory management methods that allows them to really lower their product turn over times. What this means for you is great prices and up to date products.

If you want to buy great clothes at greater prices then you could do a lot worse than checking out your local Target. They especially have some awesome prices on clothes for teens, and also adults. They are great at keeping up with the latest fashion trends and you can easily pick up some great deals on clothes for your school going teens there. I would highly recommend checking them out. Of course, you can also pick up electronics and other products there as well.

But for electronics, I would recommend none other than Best Buy. Yes, Best Bu is one of the best places to pick up electronics. They have wonderful deals on TVs, Video Games, Computers and Computer Accessories. They are especially great if you are not sure about which brand or configuration you want to buy. Their staff is very helpful and they will assist you in your endeavor to pick out some great electronics. And when it comes to electronics, they are the specialists so you cannot go wrong than trying out your local Best Buy for some awesome electronics at wonderfully low prices. So there you have it, I highly recommend doing most of your holiday shopping at these big stores simply because I think that you can get the best deals there.