If your looking to start a career in a store that sells just about everything and anything, then you can fill out a Walmart employment application form online. Using and online application allows you to see which Walmart stores in your area are hiring and the process online is quick and easy. After filling out the application, I recommend that you either call and ask for a manager or the next time your in the store to let them know you filled out an application and ask if they have reviewed your file. Showing a strong interest and being persistent can help you get a leg up on the competition between you and other applicants.

In order to find jobs near your residency you should search the company website. At the very bottom of the page under Stores and Corporate, you should be able to click Careers at Walmart. After doing so it will bring you to another page in which you need to click All Walmart Careers.

After doing so you will be able to click a preference in a box which is labeled Search US Jobs. You can apply for corporate positions as well as store positions based on education and experience. Lets assume we are applying for a store position, so we need to click the circle that says Walmart Stores followed by the Search button. The next page you should be able to click Apply Now and when doing so you should be brought to a page in which you agree to the terms of use and application guidelines stated. Click I Agree. You will then be advised to create a login name and password. Your password must contain capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. If it does not contain all three you will be told to re-enter a password. The creation will be followed by five password protection question and answers in case you do forget your password.

After logging in with your new user name and password you will need to enter your Social Security Number twice. After that you need to create a 4-digit pin. You will then be asked your gender, race, and if you are able to prove if your are eligible to work in the United States and can prove it. You will then be asked what you are applying for inclucding Walmart stores, Walmart Distribution Center, and Sam's Club stores. This bring you to a store locator so have your zip code ready to plug in or you can just type in your city and state. You can adjust the mile radius for which you are willing to travel to. After entering in this information you will have a list of Walmart stores that are hiring. Click on all the locations that best suit your travel.

You will be brought to a screen that says "choose the type of position you are interested in." Your options will be professional, supervisory, hourly, office, management. Click on any that apply to your experience and desire and you will be taken to a screen that has Job Groups. You can apply to any position in different categories. After checking all the boxes for the jobs you will be applying for click Next.

Now you will start entering in all of your personal information and job history. Be sure to have complete information of all past job adresses, phone numbers, and references readily available. It should take no more than a good hour to complete the application.

Good Luck and I hope you get the job working at Walmart!