Walmart Straight Talk Cell Phone

Walmart Straight Talk cell phone service reviewed is an article written primarily to let people know the pros and cons to purchasing and using their products and services.

Walmart has now introduced a low priced service that can compete with the big boys in the cell phone business.

Phones are offered for as little as $39.95 and a service card can be had for $30.00. This thirty dollar card will buy you 1,000 minutes to use within a month from activation. Next month you just buy another card. It also provides one thousand text messages

They also have an on line subscription payment system that you can set up directly with your bank account if you'd like.

When the payment is due they will automatically bill your bank and your service will renew. There is a two dollar fee for this service and buying the card when you're at Walmart for something else anyway is free.

Just keep an extra card around and, when it's time, load in the pin number and renew. The thirty minute card will be enough minutes for most people. There are some out there that will require more time. for them there's a plan b.

The second option is more for the phoneaholic that needs unlimited minutes. Unlimited texts as well. This option is only $45.00 per month and no worries about running out of minutes. This unlimited plan has both, buy a card and bank payment options as well.

Recently, Walmart has upgraded the phones you can buy and they are great quality and always present fine reception and minimal dropped calls.

Prices for straight talk phones start at $39.99 for a simple flip phone and can range up to a couple hundred for a higher end unit. They do offer a nice slide out keyboard on the $99.00 model.

With a price that can't be beat in the industry for service and phones that stand up to the best of them, It seems only logical that they will soon develop a large percentage of market share. It's pretty hard to find any con's with this service.

If there was anything to mention it would be the 411 information system that is completely automated and has a very bad reputation for understanding the listing your looking for. Repeated attempts will frustrate you and there is no way to get a real person. Your best bet there is going to be giving up and finding a phone book.

Walmart Straight Talk cell phone service reviewed. In the end the price is unbeatable for good cell phone service. The phones are all up to par and the reception works well.

Always a big plus, as people usually can't stand to drop calls. Using the Verizon network to connect seems to have been a very good decision.

Purchasing a plan and phone is as easy as walking into your local Walmart, or you can go online and get more information. either way you can start saving money today with this service.

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