The Walmart straight talk form has been one of the most searched for in search engines because of its affordability and quality. This article covers the basics about it.


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To offer unlimited text and talk, Walmart has teamed up with TracFone to offer the newest phone service plan – Walmart Straight Talk Form. The Walmart and TracFone have seen the dire need for an affordable cellphone without having the cumbersome burden of the so called contracts from carriers. Even if there is recession or no recession the need for cellular phone service that is affordable and offers a lot of services is what everyone would love to have.

Walmart Straight Talk Form Offers

Walmart and TracFone offer consumers different forms of services like no contract plans and Straight Talk Service Cards. The services they offer are affordable which makes it a demand for consumers and often times Straight Talk services are rapidly going out of stock.

Straight Talk Cards

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The Straight Talk offers cards that automatically add minutes and many other features to your cellular phone with no contracts or any broad band device. The Straight Talk 1,000 minute, 1000 text and 30 MB Web Access Service Cards offers a 30 day plan with 1,000 minutes of call and 1,000 texts and 30 MB internet access for any no contract cellular phones in the United States for only a small price of $30.

The Straight Talk Unlimited Text, Talk and Web Access 30 Day Service Card is a 30 day plan with unlimited call and text messaging for any cellular phones. For a price of $45 the card also offers unlimited internet access for cellular phone users throughout US.

The Straight Talk 3 Months Unlimited Card with Unlimited Text, Talk and Web Access can be available for everybody for a price of $135. It is a 90 day plan that offers unlimited minutes and text messages with additional unlimited internet access. Like the other Straight Talk Cards it is available to all cellular phones users across America.

Another Straight Talk Card is the Straight Talk Unlimited Text, Talk and Web Access for 180 Days. It is a 180 day plan that offers not just unlimited texting and calls but also unlimited internet access. Just seeing the straight talk cards, it is no wonder why Walmart Straight Talk Form is being wanted by many.

Walmart Straight Talk Sort No Contract Plan

The Walmart Straight Talk Form offers a wireless service with no contracts and is available in 2 simple prepaid plans: a $30 plan a month or a $45 plan month which will help you save more than $500 each year.

The $30, 30 day plan offers you with 1,000 minutes worth of call, 1,000 text messaging and 30 MB of internet access for your phone. On the other hand the $45, 30 day plan provides unlimited calls and unlimited texting with unlimite4d internet access. Both plans have additional features like the nationwide coverage and bonus 411 calls.

The Cellular Phones Offered

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The Walmart Straight Talk Sort of cellular phones varies a lot. There are mobile phones, GSM phones, QWERTY phones, handsets, camera phones and even smart phones. LG, Samsung and even Nokia, you can get these sleek and feature packed cellular phones at an affordable cost.

You can choose from a variety of phone available like the Straight Talk Samsung Prepaid Phone with QWERTY key board model R451C equipped with slider QWERTY keyboard and a 1.3 megapixel camera. It is capable of Bluetooth and mobile web access and other features.

Or you may prefer the Straight Talk Samsung R355C Prepaid with full QWERTY Keyboard cellular phone, VGA camera and with LCD color display. How about the Straight Talk Nokia E71 Prepaid GSM cellular phone with 3.2 megapixel camera and vide recorder, Bluetooth and wireless technology which includes charger and other accessories.

Still there’s more like the Straight Talk Samsung T404 Prepaid Camera Phone with LCD coloured display, sliding QWERTY keyboard and 2.0 mega pixel camera with video recorder. The Straight Talk prepaid LG 220C Phone with Bluetooth capability and hands free speaker. It has mobile internet services which lets you download ringtones and stylish graphics.

There still more Walmart Straight Talk Sort cellular phones they can offer and each have its own unique capabilities and features. Those who are interested in looking for new cellular phones will have no worries because it is sure for them to find what the phone they want.

Where to Get one?


The Walmart Straight Talk Form is not always readily available in markets because of its high demand by many consumers. Although some of the phones can be bought from certain Walmart or Straight Talk shops and establishments, other phones and some services like Straight Talk cards has to be purchased via the internet. Some cellular phones and Straight Talk Cards has to be purchased on Walmart websites or from the Straight Talk website. The No Contract Plan has to be acquired directly from Walmart stores on their Straight Talk brand shops.

Is it Worth It?


If you are asking if it is worth it, then I say it would depend on the claims of many users who appreciate the Walmart Straight Talk offers. Considering that Straight Talk uses the Verizon’s network then it is said to be the most reliable cellular phone network in the US. The Straight Talk service will not require any commitments or any credit checks and any particular contracts. They say that there are no daily fees or additional charges unknown to them.

A person claimed that with Straight Talk he was never disappointed of the service because he never had a dropped call or any calls that would not go through. One even said that the signal is always intact and clear and that he gets a full bar of signal wherever he may go in the city.

However not all are satisfied with the service, especially the ones who misunderstood the unlimited data offered for actual phone use that was intended for.


It has been seen by many that over the past few years Walmart is being competitive in a different areas of sales. Because they aim to become the cheapest option in everything, they have given the general public the opportunity to have a great deal in the wireless telecommunication service. The idea of Walmart Straight Talk Form has come into fruition to offer everyone an affordable, reliable and effective wireless telecommunication nationwide.