If you're thinking about installing wood flooring then make sure to put walnut flooring on your list of choices.

Walnut is a naturally dark, open grained wood. It is considered as one of the best materials when it comes to flooring. Why? Walnut flooring is great because of its attractive not to mention original features, its legendary durability and its history as a popular choice for flooring and furniture for many years. Let's break down why walnut has become such a popular choice as a flooring material.

1) The durability and resistance of walnut flooring

It is very safe to say that walnut flooring is extremely durable and resistant to moisture, insects and many other threats. Walnut floors can be found in homes that were built well more than a century ago. Sometimes the only thing that is found to be still intact in these storage structures are the walnut floors themselves.

2) Walnut flooring is easy to install

Like most hardwood floorings, walnut goes through a long and dedicated process that includes harvesting it from its tree and making it more durable by adding additional sealants to it. When this process is complete, walnut chunks are cut into smaller planks and packed into boxes to be shipped on site to a project to be used as walnut flooring. Easy-to-follow instructions are added with the box so that you can carry out the installation task successfully, and the walnut planks will be ready-made for flooring. Usually all you have to do is follow the instructions carefully and stick the walnut flooring planks on the sub-floor. While the instructions are easy to follow and to precut planks will aid in the installation, if it is your first time installing flooring is best to seek help professional with experience.

3) Walnut flooring is a rich material and will make any room more beautiful

Many times when you envision how your floor will look when you choose a particular material the finished result is somehow not as satisfying as your picture. This is not usually the case when using walnut finish of flooring material. Even when looking at the Bayer raw material itself it's easy to see that walnut flooring remains distinct among the many materials available on the market today. The deep rich colors and natural designs of the grain of the wood will give your home a distinct and warm feel and will remind visitors to your abode of the solid houses that are ancestors once built.

4) Walnut flooring doesn't require any special treatment. It is easy to maintain.

Unlike other flooring materials that require specific regular treatments to help them maintain their shine and durability, walnut flooring requires very little ongoing maintenance. Because of its water resistant qualities, cleaning is a breeze with just a simple mop and bucket. In addition, because of its incredible density, applying heavy sealers and waxes is not necessary to protect the surface from scratches either. Walnut is built to last and chances are it will do so even after you're long gone.

These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to decide to use walnut is your flooring material of choice for your next home improvement project.