Disney world is a magical place. A place so magical that fun is found in every step you take. Children enjoy it more than they enjoy ice cream on a warm summer day.

It might be a hassle for parents though because a trip to Disney World isn't cheap but there's a solution.

Introducing the Walt Disney Credit Card. Acting as a rewards card, the Disney Card cuts costs considerably and makes your time at a Disney park more enjoyable.

Once one has applied for the credit card/rewards card, instant verification is given. If one is accepted, Chase will immediately alert the user. Upon activation the user can immediately use the card so there's not a time period where a user has to go without their discounts.

In addition to saving on travel prices, those who own a Walt Disney Credit Card receive discounts on merchandise. Not only do users get the discount, but the opportunity to earn extra rewards is also available.

Users of this credit card enjoy no block dates and a fifteen dollar store gift card after the first use of the credit card. So users can simply book a trip to a store, and spend the fifteen dollar gift card while at the park. The card automatically pays for itself thanks to the zero percent APR for up to twelve months. There's also no annual fee for those planning on using the card.

With the Walt Disney credit card, those who use the card also get zero percent financing on select Disney vacation packages. Upon the already countless opportunities gained from using this card, there is also a twenty percent discount on non-discountable tours at Walt Disney theme parks. Ten percent of purchases are taken off as well when users purchase anything that is or exceeds twenty-five dollars.

Special events are also set up for those who own a Walt Disney credit card. A meet n' greet is arranged for up to six people. One five by seven keep sake photo is also supplied to the owner of the credit card. Credit card owners are also allowed the first bookings on special resort discount packages at Walt Disney resort hotels.

The card works in a way that gives owner one percent for every $100 spent after the purchase of the card. In other words, for every $100 spent, one reward dollar is earned. Up to 750 reward dollars can be earned in a calendar year and no reward dollars are earned from balance transfers, cash advances, finance charges on your bank account, or fees on products which protect or insure the balances of your account or fees of any kind.

Walt Disney is a marvelous place to be and with the Walt Disney Credit card, visits can be much more enjoyable just knowing that one's received discounts on nearly everything that they purchase. Card holders gain amazing advantages that are well worth the trouble of gaining ownership of one of these cards.