Firearm enthusiasts and hunters alike often ask where they can find Walther rifles for sale online. This article will give you a run-down on your best online options for browing, purchasing and ordering walther air guns and hunting rifles. Whether you're looking for a budget long range firearm or a top of the line walther scoped gun, here are the best internet walther shops: 

Walther 1250 Combination "Dominator" Air Rifle


Yes, you can buy Walther rifles online at Amazon, which many shooters overlook as an online merchant for firearms. Amazon has a number of different Walther guns for purchase, but their inventory in the air rifles is much deeper than other categories. You will find excellent prices on budget walther rifle options, such as air rifles for as little as $200, but you'll find a wider variety of stock available from other online firearms dealers.


If you're not a fan of buying guns on Amazon, you can always head over to, an online merchant specializing in firearms of every kind. In terms of prices, you'll notice that Walther pistols, assault rifles and hunting rifles will cost you a bit more here than they would even on Amazon, but in return you're getting your equipment from a knowledgable merchant that specializes in guns and ammo. Meanwhile, the variety available here far outpaces what Amazon has on offer. 

Smith & Wesson

This handy web applet hosted by Smith and Wesson will bring up authorized Walther dealers in your state or zip code. Just enter your location and the site will return every location near you that you can call or visit online or in person. 

The directory not only returns the dealer's phone number and physical address but their website address and webmaster contact, too, making it handy for inquiring about a specific model of walther firearm you might be looking for. 


AbleAmmo has an easy-to-browse and very extensive online store that sells Walther pistols, rifles and accessories. You can sort items by name or use the search bar to quickly bring up anything you're looking for. In addition, hosts a very helpful page and buyer's guide explaining what you need to do in order to purchase firearms online. This is an excellent resource for first time buyers and experienced shooters that have never shopped online for guns before. 

Essentially, after ordering your firearm and paying online to complete your purchase, you must provide ableammo with the name and contact information of your nearest licensed firearm dealer in order to have the firearm shipped securely to their location. You will receive a tracking number and once your rifle arrives you will be able to visit the dealer in person to complete the legal transfer of your gun. This is a typical way to buy walther rifles for sale online.