Waning Moon Definition Image
Credit: Rose3694 (cc)

A subject of confusion where magnetic energy practices are concerned, the waning moon's gift is wisdom. Sometimes it's wisdom that's hard won, othertimes it is simply the culmination of experience. Waning moon definition is less biased than the understanding granted when the moon is still young. It no longer requires its truths to be sugared.


The Moon Phases At A Glance

When the moon is waxing (maiden), it is in its seed form, blooming and spreading its ivy limbs out before it to take the world into an embrace. It's a time of seed-planting and wide-eyed leaps into the unknown. As maturity is gained, at the time of the full moon (mother), the innerstandings associated with creation are more easily understood. Harvest-time is just around the corner with the promise of fruits in exchange for previous toils. The light of reflection is at its highest luminosity. By the time of the waning moon (crone), we see harvest and the weeding phase that is necessary before the seeding cycle comes again. Wisdom is needed to know what is to go and what one should keep.


Waning Moon Definition

The definition given by the waning moon is sober and balanced like the crone. If you're working with moon phases to bring in energies or release them, focus on the “letting go” process during this time. For particularly difficult issues, the dark moon (the end of the waning moon phase just before the new moon) makes an excellent time for casting away that which is not desired in one's experience. Release meditations and “pruning” lists are effective to this end. Clearing the way during the time of the waning moon makes it possible for your field of energy to make room for the seeds of more desirable manifestations.


Waning Moon Exercises

For particularly nagging issues, use the symbolism of ice in a waning moon release exercise:

In a peaceful and loving state, write down the matter you wish to rid yourself of, and freeze it in a cup of water (be careful to avoid glass as it might expand and break) or ice-cube tray that you place in the freezer. Keep it in the freezer until the matter is resolved. Remove the ice and flush it during a future waning moon phase after the matter you worked to be rid of is gone from your experience.

The waning moon is also a time of unveiling. It symbolizes the depths you may want to look into for further insight into important matters. Focus on an issue that has a strong impact on your mind, and write a free-flowing poem or essay about it. You can alternatively, doodle the symbols that come to mind when you think of the issue. When you're finished, get comfortable and spend time with your work. Reflect on the reoccurring symbolisms. What stands out at you that your psyche might be communicating to you about your issue? This exercise is a potent way to harness the crone-like vibration of waning moon definition, but there are many ways to approach this important aspect of the conception-birth-rebirth phase.