I've bought and sold literally thousands of items on eBay. Quite often, I've been able to buy items on eBay and then turn around and sell those same items on eBay for a profit. How is this possible? Because the original eBay seller did a very poor job of listing their items.

Here are five simple, but very important mistakes to avoid if you want to get the very most for your items when selling on eBay:

* Poor Photos. Giving your sellers MORE and BIGGER photos is the number one most important thing you can do to maximize your listings. Many people are wary about buying on eBay in the first place, and if they can't see your item--or if all they can see is a small, fuzzy picture--they won't bid! There are plenty of other items with nice, LARGE photos for them to bid on, so why should they take a chance on yours? By the way, I don't use the eBay photo hosting service. You can provide much larger photos by using an outside eBay photo hosting service. (Just do an internet search under "eBay photo hosting" and you'll find lots of services. And yes, many are free!)

* Short, Poorly Written Descriptions. Take a little extra time to write unique, informative descriptions. Long descriptions are almost always better than short ones. Give as much detail as you can. Point out flaws in your item! (You will come across as more honest this way.)

* Scaring Your Buyers Away With Hostile Phrases in Your Descriptions. What if you were walking into a store, and an unsmiling, rude employee confronted you at the door and said, "No Refunds! Everything Sold As Is! We're Not Responsible If It Gets Broken In Transit!" You'd probably turn around and walk out of the store, right? It's the same way with your eBay descriptions. A friendly, helpful attitude will go a long way in getting you more bids and making you more money as an eBay seller!

* High Postage Charges. Even if you take a nice photo and write a great description, you can still scare eBay bidders away with a postage price that is (or even appears) too high. Your goal should be to try to simply break even on postage, not make a little extra. EBay buyers can see right through attempts to gouge them for postage. It's wise to even try and subsidize a dollar or so of the postage by building it into the selling price. EBay has started penalizing sellers with high postage prices by making that seller's listings appear further down on the page. Don't make the eBay selling mistake of charging too much for postage!

* Slow Shipping and Poor Packaging. Ebay buyers LOVE prompt shipments. And everyone wants their item to arrive in the same condition it was shipped in. Use only very sturdy cardboard, strong mailers and strong tape. It will pay off in a better feedback rating for you and a reputation as an eBay seller that cares!

Ebay is great way to make cash. (If you looking for FAST eBay cash, check out my article on that subject HERE.)
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Avoiding these eBay seller mistakes will go a long way towards putting a few extra dollars in your pocket!