Suck it up cream puff!

I hear many people say they want this or want that.  Perhaps it's a new job, new car, different location to live, more friends, less stress, etc.  How about better self-esteem, more volunteer work, more time with the family, and great success?  

We all have areas that we would love to change.  I find that in my years working in mental health that the biggest obstacle to actually seeing change come is lack of definable goals and a plan to achieve those goals.  

Life can get so busy with work, school, kids, obligations, and so on.  Sometimes we just get caught up in going through the motions of everyday living that we forget that somewhere deep inside we have long lost goals and dreams.  There are things that we would love to change internally and externally.  But we rarely sit down long enough and really think about the possibility that change can occur!  We drown out quiet times with the television, computer, and music.  

It's time to get quiet.  Do yourself a favor and make some time for you to sit in a quiet spot with pen and paper with the intentions of contemplating your life.  It would be wonderful if you could get out in nature because there is something special about nature that allows us to relax, take a deep breath, and feel a stirring from deep within that we like.  We FEEL that we were made for so much more.

When you are just sitting there taking in the beauty and feeling gratitude for life, begin to evaluate your life.  Make a list of all the things that you would like to change, whether it is small or big.   Once you are done with the list, I want you to create steps to achieving your goals.  

If your goal is to begin a new career, write down all of the steps needed to gain that new career.  If you want to buy a house, write down all the steps involved in doing so.  Once the plan has been set, dedicate yourself to taking action immediately.  Do not put it off or tell yourself you will begin to get moving after A and B happen.  Commit your heart to making change.

Change takes effort and action.  Even if you are a wonderful planner, if you don't take action, you won't see change.  The majority of people don't follow through with their plans.  That is one reason why so many people live unfulfilled lives.  Intentions don't really get us very far.  Action does.

So do you really want to see some changes in your life?  I bet you do and I guarantee you that you will see change if you will take some serious time to jotting down your goals and creating an action plan.  Put that list in a place where you will see it every day.  You can change! I believe in you!