True, spotting belly fat is embarrassing. In point of fact statistics has shown that in 2011 alone about 90% of the adult population in the US is embarrassed about the sight of their bellies. They will therefore rather have a flatter tummy or do away with the protruding tummy altogether. The fact that they spot the fat stomach did not start in one day. It is an accumulation of months or years of inappropriate habits which had remained unchecked and consequently had resulted in the embarrassing sight. Burning off unwanted abdominal fat is however not extraordinarily difficult or tasking as some people may think. What it requires is avoiding some negative habits which brought about the stomach fat in the first place and embracing some positive habits which will afford you a flatter belly which is your desire. Follow me as I discuss on how to move from belly fat to belly flat guaranteed.

Setting of Weight Loss Goal

Your first duty if you want to shed that stomach fat is to set the goal to do so. You should not only set the goal but also set the time by which you want to achieve the goal. Weight Loss experts are of the opinion that it takes between 4 weeks to 6 months to lose unwanted fat depending on the will and drive of the person involved. Therefore, your deadline should be within this period. Setting the goal and the deadline to achieve the goal however demands discipline, determination and persistence. Without these you are likely to return to your old ways. However, when you are committed to the achievement of your goal, it becomes achievable. To avoid losing track of your big time goal which is having a flat tummy and maintaining it, you need to set short term goals, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly about what you eat, exercise you do etc.

Adjustment of Your Eating habit  

Let us face it a major cause of belly fat is indiscipline in the area of eating habits. You are used to consuming lots of carbohydrates, calories and fats in the form of hamburgers, fried potato chips, pasta, white bread, canned and frozen foods, polished foods and the like. All these take time to digest and when they do they are broken down mostly into fats which consequently get stored up in your body causing weight gain and fat tummy. What to do? Change your eating pattern. Devise a unique nutrition plan that you know will work for you. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and fats. Increase your intake of protein. Eat more of vegetables, eggs, unpolished rice, whole wheat bread and nuts. Try taking Stevia too. It has been proven to contain no carbohydrate or calorie and consequently will help reduce and eliminate weight loss including pot belly. Do not skip meals as this has been seen to slow down metabolism. You should endeavor to eat your meals in small portions because it digests well when taken in small portions.

Adjustment of Your drinking habits  

The part played by drinks in weight gain has been widely documented. Alcohol especially when consumed excessively contributes immensely to bulging tummy. Most people who consume alcohol excessively have been found to spot pot bellies. This is because alcohol gets stored up in the body particularly around the stomach. If you are therefore having a protruding tummy and want to reduce or eliminate it, avoid taking alcohol. You should also avoid taking sweet drinks and also the use of sugar. Alternatively start taking lots of water. Six to ten glasses of water a day will do you a world of good. You see, water helps flush out the harmful toxins in the body. You should also start taking milk rich in calcium. You can also try using Stevia as an alternative to sugar or saccharine which is harmful to your health. 

Avoid Inactivity

Being inactive is one sure way of storing fat around the belly. When you are active, you burn off fats. However inactivity assists in storing up fats. Take the case of those whose jobs require a lot of sitting for example, because of their being in one place all the time without moving about they tend to be fat around the abdomen. Another example is the nursing mothers, because of their inactivity after child birth, they tend to amass fats too. Same with anyone who is inactive most times. To avoid this, you have to be active in order to burn off unwanted fat. To reduce or eliminate unwanted stomach fat therefore, you should exercise. Keep fit experts advised that one should engage in simple exercises like brisk walking, crunches, jogging, bicycle riding, swimming, press-ups, using thread mills, aerobics, Pilates etc.

Adjustment of Your Posture

Another vital tip beneficial for the burning of unwanted belly fat is the adjustment of your posture. Experts have advised that standing erect and straight helps in the elimination of pot belly. Therefore you should endeavor to adjust your posture by standing straight at all times.

Try to Sleep Well and Avoid Stress

Having inadequate sleep and consequently getting stressed up allows fat to be stored up in the body particularly around the mid rib. Endeavor to get between six to eight hours of sleep every day. This way you will be refreshed for each day and ready for any activity you might be required to perform on that day.

Endeavor to Empty Your Bowel regularly  

Constipation has also been found to be a cause of abdominal fat. You should therefore endeavor to empty your bowel regularly. When food store up in the stomach without being emptied, the belly tend to bulge. Improper eating habit could be a cause of constipation though.

If you are able to change those negative habits that have encouraged your belly fat and embrace the tips given above, chances are that you will burn off that unwanted belly fat in no time. To do this however demands discipline, commitment, determination and persistence. Without all these, you will probably not be able to achieve your goal of reducing and possibly eliminating that abdominal fat altogether.

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