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What You Need to Know About Your First Color Contact Lens

Your first color contact lens might be a bit of a perplexity for you: sometimes it can be difficult to put cheap colored contacts into your eyes on your own, especially if you're not accustomed to wearing contact lenses at all. With the advent of specialty contacts lenses for personal fashion and special events, like halloween contact lenses, or those special lenses used by actors portraying a certain role in a movie or theater production, cheap colored contacts are now widely available to the general public without a prescription. This is great news if you've been looking to switch up your appearance and give your style an overhaul, but there are several different things to consider before you buy colored contacts for the first time.

Color Contact Lens - With or Without a Prescription

If you normally wear corrective contact lenses in order to see better, you, too, can enjoy the freedom and style of color contact lens that can be tailored to your existing prescription. They can even be properly weighted to correct astigmatism in many cases, just as your normal contact lenses would be. In many ways, previous contacts lens wearers have it a little better in the sense that they already know what to expect from wearing contacts, and will probably have all the necessary accoutrement already at home in order to properly care for their new color contact lens.

An avid contacts lens wearer does not have to feel any trepidation about installing contacts onto his or her cornea for the first time, and they will also have a general idea of proper contact lens care and washing procedures. If you fall into this first category and you want to buy colored contacts, simply go through your normal ocular health channel and ask for a new color contact lens with a prescription.

However, if you happen to be blessed with perfect vision, or to have only ever worn glasses before, but you still want to buy colored contacts, you will need to prepare yourself to make the commitment to taking good care of your color contact lens and your related equipment. When it comes to dealing with contacts lenses, taking care of them is not just a simple matter of trying to extend the life of your investment in some material possession, but a matter of your own health that must be taken seriously. If you fail to care for your color contact lens, you will eventually find that they will accumulate tiny pieces of debris, like small hairs or pieces of grit. If you don't take these seriously each day or night as you put your contacts away, you will definitely gain new appreciation for these accumulations the first time they make contact with your naked eye.

Even if your new colored contact lens seems to be more or less clean, they will eventually accumulate invisible proteins, which can lead to irritation or infection. For this reason, it's extremely important to get yourself into a daily contacts lenses routine that you can abide by. Nothing less important than your vision is at stake. If you feel you are ready to make the time commitment necessary to preserving the good condition of your new color contact lens and keeping your own eyes healthy, then you can easily find cheap colored contacts online that require no prescription whatsoever. If you are uneasy about the idea of putting your new color contact lens into your eyes on your own or for the first time, seek out the assistance of a friend or family member that regularly wears contacts for guidance and an initial tutorial.

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A Couple of Tips for Putting In Your Colored Contacts For the First Time

If you are a complete newbie to putting in contact lenses, and you are freaked out by the idea of something touching your eye, you can start out with a couple of desensitization exercises. Wash both of your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, and rinse them completely so that no soap remains on your fingertips, nor around your cuticles or over your nails. If your fingertips are completely rinsed, they can remain wet.

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Stand in front of a mirror and put one finger gently over a closed eyelid. Once you feel comfortable with that, start opening your eye slightly and moving your finger closer and closer to your partially opened eye. Eventually, you should be able to touch your eyeball with the soft pad of your finger. Your cornea is the protective film-like organ that seals your eyeball off from the outside world. As long as you are not touching it with anything sharp and you are touching it gently with clean fingers, you will not injure yourself.

Once you are comfortable with putting your own finger onto the surface of your eyeball, you're ready to install your new colored contact lenses. Take your new colored contact lens on your index finger, doing your best to center it. Look at your colored contact lens from the side, and ensure that it looks like a voluptuously concave bowl with smooth edges. This means your contact lens is right side out and ready to place into your eye.

If your contact lens instead looks like an art deco bowl with flared rims, it is inside out and will not feel so great when you attempt to put it in your eye.

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Colored contacts lenses are no longer as simple as green, brown or hazel. Nowadays, you can buy colored contacts that feature special effects such as whiteout (which is handy for ghost costumes and zombie roles), reddened demon eyes, or even cat eye designs. There are colored contact lenses with lizard scales, zebra stripes, polka dots and even all black obsidian effects. These kinds of color contact lens are best used in party environments unless you want to be considered a member of the walking dead (or constantly under the influence of some new wonder drug) by the horrified members of your community. If you want to go with the more sedated version of color contact lens then all you really have to worry about is your friends and co-workers constantly asking you why something seems different about you all of a sudden...

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