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If you have already made up your mind that you want to buy ugg boots, make sure you know the basic differences in design, quality and price, so that your boots will serve you as long as possible in both warmth and fashion.
Ugg Boots

Contrary to popular belief, ugg boots are actually unisex, meaning they are equally appropriate for either boys or girls. They were originally made with sheepskin linings, though lately some versions use synthetic linings. Ugg boots also range in sizes from ankle-grabbers to ugg boots that range all the way up to the knee. Although ugg boots are steeped in competing myths and legends of origin, from being worn by world war I pilots, to being used by Australian surfers when out of the water, they exploded into the American fashion consciousness in the early 2ooo's becoming especially popular amongst college girls and older women desperately wanting to be mistaken for college girls.
Classic Ugg Boots (23949)Something is wrong with this person's legs. But I'm sure the ugg boots were not responsible for her bone curvature.

What Material Do You Want For Your Ugg Boots?

The traditional ugg boot has the pure sheep's wool tanned into the leather, making them extremely warm and durable. Other variations use kangaroo leather or fur. Some have thin linings of fleece inside, which help to wick moisture up and out of their insides to keep feet from getting clammy.

More recently, ugg boots have been made with synthetic fibers, which traditional ugg boot makers have criticized for poor quality and cheap imitation. While these versions are considerably cheaper, they are thought be many to be noticeably less comfortable. While traditional ugg boots with wool and leather will age comfortably and eventually mold to their owner's feet, synthetic versions are less likely to age gracefully.

Colors for Every Mood

Today, ugg boots come in colors ranging from the traditional natural leather to hot pink, fuschia or cow-girl themed tassel editions. A quick search for "buying ugg boots" on google will lead to pages upon pages of various options. Sometimes it's nice to have one traditional sturdy pair for daily use in the cold and one special edition pair for important occasions or weekends. Happy ugg booting!