Tips from an Online Mompreneur

When I first ventured into the world of writing online, the internet was an entirely different place. SEO driven garbage easily rose to the top of the search engines, providing those who were looking with very little reliable information.

Penguins, Pandas and other assorted changes to the Google algorithm have taken place. And while some thing have improved, it still has a long way to go.

During the five plus years I have been online, my earnings have been like a roller coaster ride. Just when things have been on the upswing, a site will close or change the rules. I then climb uphill to assess the damage and then get back to work trying to fix what is broken or move the content elsewhere.

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While I am not earning enough for my husband to quit his job and pay for college for our three children, I have been consistently earning enough to cover several bills and put money away in my retirement account. And I have been able to have the flexibility to be where I needed to be when I needed to be there. This freedom has been wonderful for my family and for me. 

How have I done this? Here are some of my best tips.

Stay on One Site and Bloom Where You Are Planted

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I wish I could remember where I first heard the phrase "bloom where you are planted", as I would love to give the author credit for inspiring me with it.  

This quote is the basis for this online writing tip.

When you begin your online writing journey, you can become inspired or negative when you see longtime writers on a site with huge libraries of articles. The feeling of "I can never do that! This won't work for me! I can never be like them!" can start to crowd your mind, Instead of focusing on success, you are already focusing on failure. 

When people share their earnings reports, you may think that they are just "lucky". How do they earn that kind of money when I am earning only pennies?

But what does a large library and earnings have in common?

These writers "bloomed where they were planted."

Online success is far from easy. It takes WORK, RESEARCH, PATIENCE and TIME. Sometimes, you get lucky and find something that works right away. Other times, you write about something and then months or even years later, the fruits of your labor begin to harvest. 

Far too often, I see writers on online forums complain about meager sales and earnings. One look at their library of articles tells me that they are new (articles need to mature and there are only a few articles listed) and already they are feeling dejected. For those who have a larger library of articles, they have selected a topic with too much competition, too little interest, and/or no SEO or long tail keywords at all. 


Among the articles on that site, there should be a few that work. Use those to create firm roots on that platform. Go with what works and expand on that. Over time, you will see your efforts come to fruition. If you move your content, you will lose all of that maturation love from Google.

There is No Perfect Site-One Size Does Not Fit All

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Over the last few years as an online writer, I have seen people on one writing site say bad things about another writing site. It reminds me of the mompetition when kids are young, "My pediatrician is better than YOUR pediatrician".

The fact is that every online site is different. Every site has it's own rules and Terms of Service. Some sites are better for one kind of article than for another kind. You can find success on one platform in a short period of time but not on another-it may take longer or never at all. This is one of the reasons that I have always diversified my online income-I write different kinds of articles on different sites, as well as on my own sites and blogs.

It has been a learning curve and I am still learning. Every site I write on has been bruised from Google slapping and some have disappeared altogether. Every one of us has been affected. Try on different writing platforms, give it time  to work, and then wait for the results. You may be pleasantly surprised!

If It Works, Lather, Rinse and Repeat!

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One of the reasons I firmly believe that you need to give a writing site time time to see if it will work for you is because nothing makes a ton of money or gets a lot of traffic overnight. You have to be a very good writer, have a large fan base or catch a wave to have an article go viral in order to make fast money on the internet. Rarely does that happen

So how do you know what works and what does not? Give it time and write about the things you love. In the long run, you will hopefully see a niche or a single article take off in searches or in products sold. Then you must follow the directions on the back of the shampoo bottle-Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

This does not mean that you rewrite and spin your successful article across the internet, but see what people are searching for and write about it differently. Chunk it down and microniche it...learn a bit more about the topic and expand upon your knowledge base.

Online Affiliate Sales Tip-Listen to Your Buyers...They Will Lead You to Sales

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In 2013, I decided to focus my online writing towards affiliate sales rather than towards Adsense. It was a territory I needed to conquer if I was going to earn more money online.

I started writing on Squidoo and Zujava (both now defunct) and learned as I went along. I read and studied what worked for others before taking the pieces I needed and to make it work for myself.

One of the biggest lessons I learned is to look at what your readers are buying. For example, I had a niche account on Squidoo that has mostly Halloween articles. When I saw sales pick up on two of them, it was interesting to see what people were buying. They purchased items I never would have thought to place in the article! 

Since these kinds of articles need regular updating because items become out of stock and Google likes fresh content, I added the items previous buyers have purchased and removed things that did not make a sale so I could stay within the link limit. Guess what? Other people purchased  these items, too!

It is imperative to check your sales stats and see what related items buyers are purchasing. Add them to your articles and see what happens!

Write With the Future in Mind

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You cannot expect to make money online by writing about Halloween in October, Christmas in December, or Memorial Day in May. Articles not only need high quality content, they need time to mature and age. All articles do the "Google dance"-they change spots in the rankings until it settles down. By writing articles 4-6 months in advance, you can let them mature and slowly link them to sites like Pinterest or your own blog so it looks natural. It also gives time for others to find your information and share it if they are inclined to do so.

What time of year is it as you read this article? Think about what will be important in four months and write!


Try Something New

People are hesitant to try something new because it takes time. There is a learning curve to master and we as adults do not want to take the time to learn. 

Try your hand at a new way to make money online. Write an eBook. Create a YouTube channel. Learn how to use Wordpress. You are only limited by hat you believe you can and cannot do.

Here is one of my best tips...if you cannot figure out how to do it, someone else has! Find YouTube video on whatever is blocking your ability to move forward and learn how to do the new task.

Some Other Tips for You

Nothing worth doing is easy. You need to have patience, learn and be able to adapt to changes.