Having acne is bad enough. Acne scars, however- now that's just the pitts. Acne scarring can come in many forms. There are several kinds of acne scars; ice pick scars, rolling scars, boxcar scars are the most common. Treatments are available to get rid of acne marks and they will depend on the type of scars a person has.

A person with light acne scarring will have the best range of options; in fact they may even be treatable with acne scar removal creams that can be found online, at a specialty drug store or from one's dermatologist. Severe or cystic acne poses a different, more difficult problem. It is likely that severe scars will best benefit from laser resurfacing treatments where the scar area is targeted by the laser and effectively burns off the top layer of skin, revealing the fresh and scar-less skin beneath.

Deep ice pick scars are the result of severe acne. These are among the hardest acne scars to remove, but take heart it is possible in significantly reducing the way an ice pick scar looks. The treatment done here is done not with laser surgery but with a small tool that works by way of "punch excision." The deep ice pick scar is punched and either pushed up to the top of the skin, thereby eliminating the pitted acne scar or a small skin graft is placed on top. The skin is usually taken from behind the person's ears.

For more mild acne scars, a chemical peel is used. A chemical peel can remove the outer layer of the skin and change the look of the area entirely by revealing the new, baby-like skin from underneath the surface.

The shallowest of acne scars can benefit from dermabrasion techniques. Again, like most of the acne scar reduction techniques, dermabrasion eliminates the top layer of the skin and reveals the new layer of skin beneath.

What is clear, is that the professional services of a dermatologist or specialty cosmetic surgeon will be needed in order to clear acne scars. Finding a reputable physician with s solid success rate can easily be done in the comforts in your own home while looking online. This way you don't have to commit yourself to a consultation which will take time and money when there may be better, cheaper physicians out there to get rid of acne marks.