Want to Kickstart Diet Results, but Can 19t Quit Sugar? Learn How These Simple Substitutes Can Whittle Your Middle!

Kickstart Diet

There are so many different opinions out there about how to kickstart diet results. All the same, if there is one thing that most nutritionists, diet experts, and fitness enthusiasts can agree upon, it is that sugar is a diet buster! Real sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, artificial sugar, syrups, and jams are all members of the sugar family. But in a world where sugar sneaks into everything from stir-fry to cereal, it is difficult to create a diet plan that is without it!

The truth is that while it may seem like sugar is the unavoidable wrench in all of your well-intentioned diet plans, it boils down to one simple truth: you must be diligent about limiting your sugar intake. This requires skill, knowledge, and wherewithal—above all it requires some serious Jedi mind tricks.

We only crave sugar because our brains have been programmed to think it is off-limits, an indulgence, or a treat we deserve after a long run. If we reward ourselves with non-sugary foods or without food altogether, our diets will be much better positioned for success.

Simple sugar substitutes for a healthy eating plan to lose weight

There are many natural ways to sweeten your food; however, natural doesn’t necessarily mean that the sugar will affect your insulin levels any less. In fact, natural sweeteners like honey, molasses and maple syrup – even the organic products – are extremely high in naturally occurring sugar and still can negatively affect your insulin levels and add to fat stores. If you simply must have some sweetness to your coffee or tea, try agave syrup, Xylitol, or Stevia.

I know that names like Xylitol and Stevia may not sound natural because they have a chemical ring to them. On the contrary, both of these sugar substitutes are from naturally occurring sugar in nature. Xylitol is from the bark of a birth tree (remember Birch tree gum, same principle!) and Stevia is made from a plant, and can be found in power for easy travel use. Agave syrup comes from the agave plant, and has a much lower Glycemic index number than sugar.

Keep in mind that with any of these options, moderation is the key. Don’t use three tablespoons of agave syrup just because it has a lower sugar level! That type of thinking will pack on the pounds faster than you can say, “Pass the Stevia.”

If I have sugar, is there no hope for my diet plan?

Everyone allows for treats now and then. Children’s birthday parties, anniversaries and the holidays are almost always going to be sugar filled. So, no a splurge here and there will not thwart your diet efforts altogether. But when you begin rewarding yourself on a weekly or even daily basis with sugar-laden foods, you will begin to notice your results slowing down and your body taking on a squishy, lethargic shape and feel.

Once you can teach your mouth to tell your mind that the substitutes I have outlined here are just as satisfying as the real thing, you will begin to be able to battle cravings with such intense drive that you won’t even miss the sugar. I can guarantee you won’t miss the withdrawal headaches that you may have become accustomed to suffering. And you will love the newfound energy that you have, the shape of your body, and the way that your old clothes seem new because of the better fit.

Sugar is not only a diet buster; it is also an addictive cycle of work vs. reward. If you can break that cycle, you will have a better chance at changing your sugar habits long term and kickstart diet results!