Dry brushing is the single most effective way to fight cellulite, and unlike the new cellulite treatments, you don't have to pay for expensive spa treatments to get it done. Dry skin brushing is fast to learn and is not too time consuming, taking only some minutes of your day. It is easy to include in your morning routines. Brush your skin every morning just before showering to get the best results! Dry brushing is good for your lymphatic system and your blood circulation. It stimulates them and helps the body to eliminate toxins more effectively, which in turn supports the immune system.

Cellulite appears when the metabolism slows down and fat and the waste normally flushed out by the lymphatic system gets stuck inside the fat cells. Dry brushing helps to fight cellulite by stimulating the metabolism and breaking down the waste/fat deposits. The technique is not really a new cellulite treatment; it has been around for decades.

Getting started is easy. The only thing you need for dry brushing is a cellulite brush, like a loofah sponge. Any body brush with natural bristles will do. They are inexpensive and you can find them from any shop selling beauty products. For dry brushing you might want to consider getting a brush with a handle so that you can reach all the parts of your body. If you are planning to brush your face as well, you will need a softer brush for that purpose. Take care of your cellulite brush by washing it with soap and warm water every now and then.

Dry brushing is done by stroking your skin with long strokes, always towards the heart. Start from your feet and move up to the legs and buttocks. Then brush your back, stomach and chest. Continue from your hands and your arms, and finish with your face. Use more power on areas like your thighs and be gentler where the skin is thinner. Dry brushing is nice and relaxing when done correctly and gives you a great amount of energy to start your day with!

Shower after dry brushing and wash off the dead skin cells. It is a good idea to apply a moisturizer or a cellulite cream after brushing, because the skin pores are all open and the lotion will get absorbed easily. Removing dead skin cells daily will make your skin smoother and more glowy. If you suffer from a very dry skin, try rubbing in extra virgin coconut oil.

When you continue body brushing, cellulite will just melt away and you will get a smoother, prettier skin. The first results can be seen soon after starting the treatment.